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  1. Hi! Does anyone kow if there's any Zumba classes on saturdays evenings (after 6p.m) or sunday day time (preferably morning session but anything until 3p.m would b great).
  2. Thank you ever so much!! Been in touch with the head office and put my complain in, also took some photos of the derss and send them to the head office to investigate, originally wanted full refund or new dress ordering free of charge but meantime we've found solution of altering me own hoop to a lot smaller size of 69inch in circumference so the lengh will drop which it worked and it made the dress look better but as the hoop is a lot smaller than it ment to be the dress lost the "princess" shape and it's more like A-line gown now, so I've asked for the price to be reduced but got e-mail back saying that all they can do is to arrange for my gown to be dry clean after the wedding. I'm glad the dress is in wearable state now but hated all the stress and it was awful experience. I'll definitely won't put my foot in that shop ever again!
  3. Yes please that'd be great if you could.. I'd be greatfull for any information. Thank you so much. They offered me an alternations package which cost £180 but I refused it as I knew that's pretty steep and I didn't expected any major work needed to be done on the dress when it arrive, so the lady agreed to do the basic alternationd free of charge. the £400 is the cost for the designer to make me another gown with longer lengh and apparantely I should be greatfull that the designer agreed to do it just for £400 not the full price again which I paid in first place the £1049! It's playing on my mind so much it makes me ill, I'm worrying that making the hoop to a tiny size it won't work and the dress will still look too short or the dress will loose the look it ment to have because there will be no support from the hoop... I was considering askng for refund but I don't think they will agree to give me my money back.
  4. Well been to Berketex today, tried my dress on and... it's definitely too short, was in bits, tried to argue but got nowhere as they can't see anything wrong with it and don't think it's their fault either.. Been informed that they contacted the head office and they said they can order new dress for me with extra leng but it's going to cost me £400!!!!!!! The dress is at it's perfect lengh without the hoop underneath it and with no shoes. Can't afford to fish out £400 as Idon't have that amount to spend so finally come to decision I'll have to have custom made tiny hoop just to keep the dress off my legs and hopefully that won't make the dress too short...
  5. Lol I'm mega tall at whoping 5f 4inch lol Thank you all for support and good advice. Will let you know how it went on tuesday. Fingers crossed it'll go better this time x
  6. Thank you everyone. Spoke to shop manager she still tried to argue with me that the dress isn't too short but managed to get appointmebt to try the dress again and decide what to do with it. Plus she informed me that they could order another dress with extra leng but I'll have to pay for it!! Surely I shouldn't pay for their mistakes! The worst thing is the shop staff making it out as if it was all my fault not theirs, making me feel really bad even got to that point when I don't even want to go to the shop ever again.. Woerst experience ever
  7. Thank you. Going to try the dress on again for the second opinion soon, hopefully will be able to sort something out as the wedding is only 9 weeks away. Yest the dress is paid in full and I'm guessing that's why they making it out as everything is ok.. I looked at ebay and wanted to buy dress from there which I absolutely loved and was from China too it cost only £120 wish I'd bought that now I'm sure I'd more happier and better off money wise as it seems in Berketex they charging u even for breathing it's ridiciuolus1
  8. It's a oorganza skirt not sure if anything could be sawn to it.. But it's worth asking thank you. It just upsetting that because you pay a lot money for something it doesn't mean that the quality going to match the price..
  9. I bought my wedding dress from Berketex in Sheffield and it wasn't a cheap one it cost me just over a £1000 and that was with 25% off!!, was sooooo excited when got the news it already came untill I went for my first fitting today... the dress looked too short on front was sticking upwards and u could nearly see my shoes! Surely this not ment to be like that but when me and my cousin who been there with me (she's my bridesmaid) have pointed it out the lady in shop was making excuses that it is ment to look like that,that this is a standard measurements ect. we made a comment that I've never seen bride whos dress looked so short and in their photo albums with their clients in there was no even one pic of the bride with dress with simmilar lengh to mine.My arguments that the sample dress I tried on was bit longer and the exact lengh i wanted was commented with some more excuses with the "standard leng".She called other two ladies who worked there and they was trying to blame it on my "poor quality hoop", then on my shoes (which they're only 2.5inch high!) so we tried their hoop and some of their shoes with even smaller heel but the effect was still same! I was nearly in tears!!! They brought brand new hoop bit smaller and it made it look bit better, I was so fed up and dissapointed I just agreed on whatever they said, so I beged them for the hoop which they're going to charged me for as well! I'm dreding that Iwon't feel 100% in my dress and it's going to spoil my Big Day. I don't know what to do.. Is there any help for me??
  10. I love the sound of Dickory Dock nursery and their website looks very impressive and welcoming but checked the location on the map and it's pretty distance for me as i live in Firth Park are the any buses from Firth Park to there?
  11. I'm really happy that Little Imps at Hillsborough been mentioned because I was considering this nursery as it's very easy for me to get to And It's a third time I've heard good things about Dickory Dock nursery so will have to have a look it too. Thank you everyone. This helps me a lot
  12. Thanks Sue180 I'll definitelly going to check this out x
  13. Hi! I'd like to sign my one year old daughter to a nursery so she can mix with other children, she's my first child so I have no idea about nurseries which are good what to look for? So can experienced mums and dads please help me and recommend me a nursery. I live in S5 closer the better but don't mind other places (i.e Hillsborough)as long as it easy to get to by bus as i don't drive. I'll be very thankfull for all advices. Thanks
  14. BHS got really nice selection and the prices are reasonable too. I got flower girls' dresses from there
  15. Asking price: £000 Condition of item: N/A Location: Not Disclosed Further details Family of four (2 kids girl 2years old and boy 13months old) looking for a puppy preferably german sheppherd or Husky but don't mind other biggish breeds or even a crossbreeds. Anyone can help? Interested? Questions? To contact seller, click on their user name to access the Email or Private Message forms.
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