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  1. Dora anybody knows if the lockdown has made it easier/quicker to park at Hallamshire hospital?
  2. The thing I cant' understand though. How will doing 20 mins of meditation in a morning benefit me if I get anxious later on in the day whilst i'm at work?
  3. Thanks for all your replies, it sounds like it's been a very positive experience for you all. I've actually had the book and CD for a few weeks but only reached the 1st chapter and exercise. I will now make time to really give it a go.
  4. Oh salsafan that's what I want, just peace of mind and to get back to my old happy self. So have you tried mindfulness yourself? Is it easy to achieve?
  5. Mindfulness - Mindfulness is about being awake and aware and living in the present, rather than dwelling in the past or anticipating the future. I'm a straight forward type of girl, I'm neither religious nor superstitious, but please don't tell anybody ... I am a worrier. I go over & over things that have happened in the past and I fret over what may happen in the future. To the point were I get anxious, feel miserable and I honestly think it's giving me headaches. Anyway a doctor has suggested mindfulness. From what I can gather it's breathing exercises, some kind of meditation maybe? I wondered if anybody had any experience of this, good or bad?
  6. We have 3 dogs which are often walked in parks, off lead....until we see another person then they are swiftly put on the lead. What a shame not all dog owners use 'doggie etiquette'
  7. Couldn't agree more.... surely if you're a responsible parent you do not 'overfeed' your little ones
  8. My father used to go for 'special' £5 pub meal every evening = £35 a week and no pots to wash.
  9. I've spent alot of years looking down Fargate from the office window...and suddenly this box has appeared near Yorkshire Bank. It's wooden with a lock, I'd say 3 & 1/2 to 4 foot tall and wide. You know, the kind of thing you'd have in your garden to lock stuff in.... Anybody know what it's for or what's in it? Just out of interest like
  10. Ha ha Hilarious.....not the flashmob....You Lot. Has anybody EVER put a topic on here that's not turned into some kind of slanging match??? Thanks you've brightened up my afternoon no end. If anybody's interested (probably not)...The thought was there, probably could have done with a few members to make a mob though.
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