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  1. Hi there, I have been reading through your comments on this story, I am a journalist at Real Radio and would like to cover this story. I wondered if anyone had any information they could give me to call Natalie on 0113 307 1444
  2. Is anyone going to be affected by the strikes? Are you going to struggle with childcare on the 30th? Or are you having to take the day off work to look after your children?
  3. The report doesn't mention single dads just mums, so I don't know - sorry.
  4. Single mums are apparently going to be the worst hit by Government cuts. A report out today says they'll lose on average 8 and a half percent of their income. They're not getting a job because they'll lose more by working! Are you struggling?
  5. Are any of your children or someone who know addicted to online gambling? poker games and those games where you pay for credit? It seems more and more young people are getting caught up in the gambling web. Do you know of any support groups for under 18's?
  6. The Home Secretary is meeting police officers at the federation's conference in Bournemouth. Are you a police officer? What do you think of the police cuts and changes?
  7. Have you heard the story about the 8 year old American girl who's mum is giving her botox and waxes to help her keep her youthful looks for a beauty contest? Have you ever considered or do you give your or let your children have botox or beauty treatments?
  8. Have you waited ages for hospital treatment? Apparently people going to A&E have to wait up to 4 hours to be seen and if you need treatment inpatients can wait up to 18 weeks to get it.
  9. Has anyone tried to get their money back after taking out PPI. Have you discovered that the policy wouldn't pay out?
  10. I'm looking for an Italian that's nice after a show at the motorpoint arena. any ideas?
  11. Do you know someone who has suffered with postnatal depression and is male? I know it sounds odd but i've been trying to find support groups or someone to talk to who has suffered with the same thing and i can't seem to find anyone. If you've had support from somewhere can you let me know.
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