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  1. I am not sure if petitions work or not but currently there is a petition that maybe worth people signing to help in getting this resolved. Will only take 2 moniutes and as discussed many a time this may avoid that accident everyone is talking about. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/make-blackstock-road-safe?fbclid=IwAR0rqxF9m-dphWJl6Zsrd197UFXkaJbZE7TQcGxy-2YVH6kMlwgUJO74I-k
  2. Morning Sheffield Monks, well some good news I have seen the council have been out this morning to look at them so hopefully we will see some sort of action... just feels exasperating continually having to chase them to do the simplest of tasks. They empty one garage out of four full of rubbish and leave and you don't see them again and then leave flytipped rubbish even though they can see it at the side of the garages. I liken this to trying to get a teenager to complete chores in the house, they only do half the job and have to called the back to complete it.
  3. Yes.. Council garages on Council land.
  4. Indeed they are an eyesore, I have had an email back from Paul Turpin (Councillor) and he has chased up housing officers to help try and get this resolved but it is looking like it is going to be a long road at this rate, both myself and next door are onto Sheffield Council to get this resolved. I am hoping there is force in numbers with this situation. I shall keep up the fight 😃
  5. Morning Kate, These are on Overend... I have yesterday taken Planner1 advise and emailed all three Councillors in the hope of some action, my neighbour is doing the very same.
  6. Thank you Planner1 I will give this a go... *fingers crossed*
  7. Hi all, I am hoping for a little advice or if anybody has had some experience dealing with Sheffield Council and the demolition of derelict garages. We have a row of garages that are all vacant and disused, they are in such poor condition. Some with doors hanging off, some with smashed up boards on the front and some full of rubbish from that people who cannot be bothered to use the tip and have utilised to get rid of their rubbish. These garages also bring with them anti social behaviour. I have reported to Sheffield Council a number of times about how unsafe these garages are and how much of an eye sore it is to look out of your window and see this. It seems they simply do not care and tell me they are marked to be demolished and likely be 12 -18 months time. Living around this has become miserable, has anybody had any success or advice on how we can get Sheffield Council to act appropriately and get these demolished any quicker. 🥺
  8. I watched them land the a couple of weeks back and it seemed to fly over the hospital and as firthpark says it circled around prior to landing. Apart from the fact it is carrying sick people it was quite good to see.
  9. I was sat thinking how a lot of us have thoughts on how we would like changes in either the city as a whole or maybe our local area but not sure how to do this or get an idea heard, I thought maybe a thread where we could suggest ideas which are realistic to improve our local area's or city? who knows maybe somebody with some influence may read the ideas and take your idea forward.. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Drivers are tracked so the traffic department know exactly where they are and how late that bus is, the driver has no influence on morning rush hour traffic nor do they have influence on accidents that happen on their route. It is down to the traffic team to keep the buses running ontime. Charging a driver to be ontime would result in more accidents due to them trying to stay ontime, I guess that is okay though as long as you get to work ontime or home for your dinner. Daily driver are physically and verbally abused, threatened with violence usually due to circumstances that they can not control. So maybe before you launch a ridiculous post about late drivers and how poorly they keep to time you may want to look at the depot not the driver.
  11. Let me guess you don't live next to any woodland do you... couple of hours of bikes tearing up the woods... I personally will not tolerate that long. I remember years ago taking my eldest for a walk in the woods... would I now? no... why? because when the bikes and quads arrive they could not care less if a 5 year old is playing and runs in front of them. No respect left in this world for others... you are right involving the police is a waste as much as the officers may wish to police, the softy softy world we live in wont allow it.
  12. Yes I have to drive it daily... I have started driving down blackstock and via constable to get around. Steering knocks now...
  13. Really??? is there not a toilet in Wilkinsons, Hen and Chickens, Subway, Slot machine shop?? the list would go on but seems pointless. I do not think we have a shortage of toilets in town. We have a shortage of people respecting our town centre.
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