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  1. Thanks guys - I really appreciate the kind words and advice. Apologies for not being on here sooner. He's booked in for surgery tomorrow so fingers crossed on everything. Thanks again, Paul
  2. Hi guys, Happy new year and all that. I need your help. My 4 year old Border Collie, Piet went for a cruciate ligament operation on his left hind leg this time last year. After a year of problems inc. a second operation and a persistent infection which he still has, things took another turn for the worse a couple of days ago. The cruciate in his right hind leg went! I've had a constant battle with the vets and racked up almost £3k in bills. He went in for a relatively routine op a year ago and a year later is virtually crippled, with both legs in a bad way. Now I am furious with the vets and have sought a second and third opinion with other vets in the city but the consensus was that the surgeon who originally did the op would be best placed to continue his treatment. I had booked him for surgery next Wednesday for the implant on the original leg removing but this time will now be allocated to repairing the cruciate of his right leg. I'm approaching the end of my tether with this situation now and would appreciate any recommendations or advice on how to get my dog sorted & quickly i.e. any vets specialise in this kind of injury, stance to take with my current vets. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Well, good to see nowts changed on here.
  4. Ey-up mate, long time! Well looking fwd to this season coming. Me n the old man are rocking season tickets in the North! Think they may have dropped a cobbler with the shirt though...is that the new one... Expect an announcement on this soon. Lol! Antonio tomorrow and then England on Sunday. What? Marvellous.
  5. Not posted on here for a while for obvious reasons but just wanted to say how pleased I was with the performance last night. Agree with Frank's appriasal that it was a sheer pleasure to watch some of the performances, in particular Madine, Lines & Antonio. If Jones can get certain players' confidence back and playing how they were before Xmas, then we could get on that run we're all craving. Not gonna get too carried away (i'm an Owl after all) and Bury were very poor, particularly at the back (going fwd they had flashes) but it was very promising and the perfect start to DJ's reign. Finally, one of those perfect Hillsborough moments last night when the scorboard flashed Walsall 2-1 Blades and a couple of seconds later Antonio stroked that third goal in...brilliant! UTO!
  6. Best = Semedo without question. Worst = hmmm...have to say Morrison, for all his bluster, has yet to deliver anything concrete.
  7. Still think he's massively overrated with an attitude problem, although his current form is hard to argue against. Just a shame these purple patches arrive once in a blue moon. Let's just hope he keeps it up, particualrly for the derby. He does love playing against Utd.
  8. Koumas? Can't say I'd be overawed but would be quality if fit n finds form quickly.
  9. Marshall to sign today then. Perhaps he'll be looking to switch flanks tactically and use Bostock as the more defensive winger on the left and allow JJ the more attacking role on the right now he's showing form once more.
  10. I believe he's left footed so can fully see him being Marshall's replacement on the left wing.
  11. I too am bored of the attendance argument. We are the better supported club - fact. This issue should have been put to bed yonks ago. Interesting fact: Last Saturday's crowd in S6 of almost 27,000 was not only the highest in League 1 but also the Championship - and four games in the Premiership. In addition, there were more home fans in attendance for the Addicks' clash than the Huddersfield thriller in December, which at 28,600 is the Owls' - and the division's - highest gate of the season to date this term. -- And I thought it was poor on the day...
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