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  1. I agree you have to be strong with them and state that they are in breach of tenancy....otherwise they will take you for a joke...
  2. hi, whats going rate for a combi boiler swap, by gas safe engineer. ta
  3. no, I have used someone else's laptop and it worked fine there......its just mine own laptop that I cannot compouise e-mails and move sub folders.....strange.....help.....some one must be clued up.....with this issue.
  4. you have to say they deserve it, and I am not a fan, but I give respect where its due. They have been the best team of the last 20 years, easy.....but you never know, when fergie leaves, see if they still can win.
  5. noticed last night, that my Hotmail. e-mail account has locked up, ie I cant see sub folders, or compose new e-mails....any ideas, thanks
  6. does anyone know of a local company that supplies ready mixed external render for outbuildings. contact numbers would help and also who to avoid. thanks
  7. Why is that when Mosques are mentioned, people always think about the negatives......why dont you go speak to the mosque commitee and outline your concerns.....I am sure you will be welcomed....
  8. I need a breeze blocks (pallet of 72) x 8 ready mixed concrete (3 cubic meters) any body wheres the best price in sheffield. thanks
  9. what a load of, BOLL****, go back and look at history and tell me where in the world "does there only exist one race/creed of people"....
  10. who is responsible for white goods (Repairs) in a rented property, if landlord has fitted them at the begaining...of tenancy...
  11. I need a to know how much it would cost to laminate a floor the size of 32 sq mt, in 2 rooms This is for laminate and beading.... what sort of price can I be charged..... materials are all mine.....just labour advise please or PM me.. thanks
  12. need to know what type of bulb is required for this car.... the headlights have gone, side lights ok any ideas....or do I need candles,,,,,,lol
  13. need some car tyres (205 55 16), anybody know of a good local garage in the north sheffield area. thanks
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