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  1. I have a Toshiba external hard drive with photos and MP3s on it that I can,t access I have not used it for at leased 2/3 years and don't remember if it had CD to load drivers If anyone has any ideas would be grateful. Thanks
  2. Used to remember when this area had 6 or 7 music (and motorcycle) shops now window shopping is confined to menus. Had a few guitars from there
  3. Remember salt n pepper. I think from Barnsley way. They used to have a sax player can't remember his name Saw them a few times at Smithywood mid 70s
  4. When I was working I sometimes called in at the butchers in Jump .well over 15years ago to get 2_pies for me and the wife I used to have mine for diner but alas the second pie never got to make it home. sorry
  5. thanks for all replies==the tablet is an unbranded model with android 7 10.1 in---I have the use of another tablet to watch Sky go -but just wondered why the new tablet would not get Skygo--I did have another tablet that had the same problem ---and that also had a message saying something about it either be rooted /not rooted-but I did find an article about getting round this problem but I did not feel confident to delve further into it--thanks again
  6. to pyrotequila===-thanks for reply---downloaded an app from play store only to be informed about an error-----code 99z---thanks
  7. just bought a tablet with android 7 operating system --according to Sky go all operating systems after 4 should be compatible--any ideas from members--thanks
  8. how about El Caratto on the corner of Broadfield Rd===shut down about 10years ago after 25 years for modernisation scheme
  9. thanks Gene for my lack of proper address--cheers
  10. Thanks (Cyclone) for this reply --I am aware of what you state from articles I have read -It is the cheap attitude from Aldi and the fact I am going to grind out a refund once again thanks
  11. has anyone had items exchanged or money back from ALDI in Sheffield or anywhere locally---without a receipt. I must say I had my money back for a pair of golf shoes which had a fault from the store at the end of the Moor I must admit I was refused initially by the staff but wrote to there headquarters in WestBrom and they sent me a letter to instruct the manager to repay me. I have just had a similar incident at Worksop ,when last year I bought a set of Christmas lights which when put up this year had a fault on the blue ones not lighting---once again refused by staff and again wrote to ALDI head office who said they could not exchange them without a receipt====despite me showing photos of the price on the box and also the warranty registration card with the 3 year guarantee-----Looking on the internet at advise when not having a receipt I have given them enough proof of purchase that may be necessary for such a claim , I usually keep receipts for years but buying from a supermarket the till roll is about 2ft long and easily forgotten about----Welcome any serious advise
  12. just picked up on my thread and noticed "trans" has a live performance of the boys at Smithywood--I was most probably there as it was my club-------Is there any chance of an upload to You Tube ?--thanks for all comments
  13. The past 2 Fridays on BBC4 came up with programs both of which lorded the praises of the Good Vibrations by Brian Wilson in making this epic for the Beach Boys--this was crafted by splicing and over laying multi tracks---a feat we were told took some 92 hours This got to reminding me of one of Sheffield's top groups from the 60s/70s Quince Harmon who did this song live to perfection an -absolutely brilliant version also I seem to recall them being regulars on radio 2 with Dave Lee Travis featuring groups daily Final thought when the group finished their first set with A touch of velvet and a sting of brass ------ great times in the clubs----
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