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  1. I dont think there are any special tools I did my wifes cam belt on CitreonZX just have to stop engine flywheel being moved out of sync
  2. townhead street was above another bus depot(formely a tram shed) Tenter Street another former tram shed was Shoreham St later opened up to Leadmill Rd
  3. find out first if it has a chain drive rather than rubber
  4. Has anyone used a USB tune up stick like PCextra which run a linex based program to by pass older system. Any good?
  5. thanks for replies I have just downloaded a version of chromebook that is from Neverware which is free it is downloaded on a usb and has speeded up my computer and is super fast even though it is about 10 years old quite exited to find if it will kick my other laptop up may have saved me a couple of hundred quid thanks to all
  6. does chromebook accept Sky go and similarapps? thanks
  7. Went there with my dad remember the skylon !it never got off the ground
  8. Trying to expand memory on tablet that keeps running out of space bought 32gb Sandisk micro card class10 but can't get it to accept any data from internal memory / been on You Tube but not getting anywhere. Any suggestions?
  9. Last place to buy anything from. / shame the choice is so limited unless you go online
  10. Any chance of seeing on live stream. I have a smart set but how do you get to see this or EFL matched. Friend got Saturdays match with a firestick and pays a subscription but won't a smart set be able to get it ? Cheers
  11. I have a Toshiba external hard drive with photos and MP3s on it that I can,t access I have not used it for at leased 2/3 years and don't remember if it had CD to load drivers If anyone has any ideas would be grateful. Thanks
  12. Used to remember when this area had 6 or 7 music (and motorcycle) shops now window shopping is confined to menus. Had a few guitars from there
  13. Remember salt n pepper. I think from Barnsley way. They used to have a sax player can't remember his name Saw them a few times at Smithywood mid 70s
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