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  1. Hi lakerman, sorry my mistake it was The Marshall cup that my Grandad won. He played for Upper Heeley club i think,
  2. My Grandad, Les Ellis played billiards and was quite a player. Im sure he was the only man to win the Richardson Cup 3 times.
  3. John Green, wow that is a blast from the past. Let me know when your in sheff next pal, will meet you for a pint or 3
  4. Be some famous faces on that year me owd pal
  5. Played football at Firvale school yesterday Gaz, broke me heart driving through Page Hall to get there, good memories pal, have to meet up for a pint one day before all pubs shut
  6. Im fine me old pal, Brian Barstow rings a bell, which shop did he have ?
  7. No mate its not me, although johnpm lived on hhl.
  8. Yes mate he passed away a couple of years ago, RIP. Not heard about any other teachers tho.
  9. Remember it well Banty. Was a good event. Used to love going on the massive zip wire.
  10. He was named as John in the racewalking results but im sure most people called him Jake.
  11. Was the creamery called walls. I remember the owner being a friend of my granddad.
  12. Its not as easy as you make out. Section 3.5 to 3.12 set out the standards for this way of doing the job. Don't think the OP has stuck to this.
  13. Its not possible to sign off other peoples work. That's the whole point of self certification.
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