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  1. Let me get this right..... you are saying the runway at Robin Hood Airport is small? It is one of the longest and widest runways in the UK. I like the airport but what is so bad about it is the drag getting there. I'm sure the new link road will work wonders but until then Manchester and East Midlands are viable alternatives.
  2. jazz-sumo - A million thanks to you. I have not been on here for a while, I figured I hit a cul-de-sac and wasn't holding my breath. Thanks again
  3. Yes, they sang 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' ...but unfortunately it's not the song I wanted, it's the one after starting with the lyrics 'Lotta people tell you say you'll be the one who lets you down'. I think it's probably their own composition, which didn't make the charts.
  4. The email bounced back, so it looks like she no longer uses that particular one. Having said that, I am still way ahead from what I was three days ago thanks to your kind help.
  5. I await a reply. and....... How on earth did you find the info out.? I must have tried every search combination.... typed in the lyrics.... and never came close to what you got. Thanks again. Your time is greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks very much for your time and help, guys. I've even tried typing in the lyrics but to no avail. Red Alert, I will try that, thank you.
  7. Cheers KeefisGod, but I'm wanting to know the title of the specific song in the clip.
  8. Does any one know the title of the song being played at 45' 47" into this clip? According to the credits, the group singing the song are called 'Expose' but the only group I can find with that name are an all girl group formed in 1987. It's clearly not them. Cheers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_nGbXkFG7I
  9. What planet are you guys on? No local/government investment in Doncaster? Is that why they are seeing a £300 million project being built in the town centre, another £300 million project due to start on the water front, a £400 million inland port, a link road to the airport. Not to mention what has been done in the last 10 years... the £200 million extension to the Frenchgate Centre, £40 million redevelopment of the racecourse grandstand. The council may be crap but it's not stopping investment.
  10. The wife and I took a journey to the streets at the other side of the market in Doncaster, Copley Road, Nether Hall Road and East Lathe Gate I think they are called. They are crammed with foreign cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets. We had a lovely meal at a Turkish Restaurant there. A week later we went to a large Polish restaurant on the edge of Doncaster market. The food was of a very high standard.
  11. Thanks for your help guys. Hecate, it isn't any of the ones you mentioned but thanks for pointing me in their direction. I like the Goo Goo Dolls song, it reminds me a lot of by Harry Chapin. Horribleblob, I'm sorry to have put that on you.... it's still doin' my head in. It's not a Guns and Roses song, 1960boy.
  12. .. I know, but this is driving me crazy. I've just been listening to the song 'Drops of Jupiter' by Train. I seemed to be very familiar with the song and antipated a melodic chorus... but it never came. I realised then it wasn't the song I thought it was and have since been racking my brains to identify the song I was thinking of. I'm not even sure if the song I am thinking of is a modern song or 1960s or 70s. It's one of those frustrating things in your head whereby you can't rest until you have the answer :confused: Does anyone out there know of the song 'Drops of Jupiter'.. and if so does it closely remind you of another song.... one with a chorus?
  13. Yes, they are just on with building a £300 million Civic and Cultural Quarter there. Not to mention the huge development on the north of the town, the bars, cafes, and shops in the waterfront development.
  14. I enjoy cooking and preparing fresh/healthy meals for my family .... but sometimes it's nice to go somewhere like Taybarns. If you solely rely on Taybarns to provide food for your family seven days a week, then I think you have problems. If you think your local pub down the road is providing you with top quality, ultra fresh, never been frozen food....for £7.95.. then you are mistaken. Taybarns is a dining experience. So is paying £45 for a medallion sized piece of ribeye steak and six chunky chips. Given the choice between the two, I'd prefer Taybarns. That's not because I'm a cheapskate, middle-aged, overweight chav.... but because I like to feel I've actually eaten. Of course Taybarn is not top quality food, it wouldn't be £7.95 if it was. We know it’s not the Savoy or headed by Jamie Oliver. What it does offer you is a chance to be reckless and over indulge once in a while.... nothing more. I went a couple of month ago... we're thinking about going again on my lad's birthday next month... so what. My lad enjoys, I enjoy it. Isn't that a good thing? I just can't believe the snobbery and condescending attitude of some of the messages in this thread. It's a shame people have to be like this.
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