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  1. Anyone recall catching the last bus home, very full and noisey and there would always be the drunk who would get on and start singing. I used to catch the 95 Walkley bus and the Kings Arms on Commercial st would always supply a couple of these. At the time you'd think, oh my god don't let him sit next to me. Good times when you'd get home safe and without fear.
  2. If I remember there ussed to be a nasty step when coming out of the the lounge side past the toilets towards the courtyard. I made the fatal mistake of laughing at my girlfriend who tripped over it whilst holding a tomato juice and wearing a white cheesecloth top. She didn't see my view of a cheese and tomato top.
  3. Good choices. Mine are , Nelson & Albert, 2or 3 nights a week in these pubs. Yorkshire Bridge on the odd Friday or Saturday and the Victoria Vaults when on a pub crawl (good pinball there as well).
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