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  1. Does anyone have copies or know where to find them of railway timetables from 1967. I am particularly interested in train times from Sheffield to London and London to Sheffield. The cost of the journey would also be interesting and how long the journey took.
  2. Thanks Hillsboro and Cleckheck, I will give them both a try.
  3. There used to be people on this site that were able, I don't know how to find people, or some of their history, ie marriages, births etc. If there is a yone still on here I would appreciate it if they got in touch.
  4. Can anyone tell me which coach operators ran holidays in Ostend 1966/67. And did the coach go with the passengers to Ostend via the ferry or return to Sheffild.
  5. I am attempting to write a feature on the holidays that young people took in the 1960's. I have been told that Ostend was a very popular destination for teenagers in the sixties and wondered if their were any people on this forum who had memories of these holidays. The trip down to the channel ports must have been pretty exciting plus the ferry crossing itself. I'm not sure, (though I am researching) if the ferrys went directly to Ostend or to Dunkirk, the latter having many more ferrys from the UK. Any memories of the journeys, the people, the destination and the holiday itself would be very gratefully received.
  6. My wife had the DNA test from a well known ancestry site. She can trace her family tree quite away back but only two generations back she knew her family originally came from France. The dna test showed no French connsction (good name for a film that), just Yorkshire and Spanish. There are obvious Yorkshire roots but no Spanish, she doesn't even like liquorice!
  7. Anyone know or remember Theresa Jubb ( Terry), lived on the Arbourthorne and worked at Watt Smiths back in the sixties?
  8. My father in law Joe Jubb work as a driver for Burdalls in the sixties, he delivered mainly in the South of England.
  9. My first really grown up love was, Ursula Margot Reder aka 'Twill'. It was the early sixties and we were both deeply and madly in love with each other, I even asked her Dad for his permission to get married. He was a rather stern, Polish miner and he said, ' you are both a bit young, give it a while'. He was right in a way. After about two years Twill threw me but said we should get together again in a couple of years after we had both experienced a bit more of life, we never did. It was just about this time of year we parted fiftyone years ago and I still think about her, in fact only last night I dreamt about her. She lives in Sheffield I believe and is now Sarah Vickers, a complete name change but my deep down feelings have never changed.
  10. I originally lived in Brown Street, Rotherham when it was a long street of terraced houses. My family moved when I was in my mid teens and I didn't go back for quite a long time. When I did it was when the houses in the area were being demolished and I can still remember the awful feeling of seeing what had been our family home and a massive part of me made into just a pile of rubble. I also spent a lot of time in Sheffield in the fifties and sixties, my Aunty and Uncle had a newsagents in Gower Street surrounded by steel works. The whole of Sheffield was real big city for me and I loved the place. I'm nearly seventytwo now and have probably forgotten a lot of stuff but the Sheffield of today, (I was there at the weekend) looks a bit past it's best and nothing like it was when I think it was at it's best in the early seventies.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I think Bantycock has got it right, geographically his answer makes sense. I do know the stream Annie mentions, 'up clough' was a popular area with us kids, especially the rope swing on the outcrop above the stream. Happy days.
  12. When I was a kid we lived in Rotherham and my Grandparents lived in Staveley, I'm pretty sure that on some of the buses you had to change at Halfway. Not really about Halfway but not so far away, my Dad used to say to us kids lets make a Killamarsh fender, basically we would sit in a semi-circle round the fire. (coalfire of course) Anyone else heard this?
  13. When I was a kid back in the fifties you were allowed to play almost anywhere, well I was. Being brought up in the Thornhill/ Masborough area of Rotherham there were loads of places to interest a kid. One such area was Union Street where a stream ran into a gated culvert from derelict industrial land. The stream was almost certainly being used further uphill by some industry because the water flow would rise and fall with little warning. About a mile away towards Rotherham there was an area called New York, here a stream ran under the road and I was told it was the same one that flowed into the Union Street culvert and was in fact the River Mas , after which Masbro' was named. Has anyone else heard of the River Mas or does anyone even know the area I'm talking about?
  14. Thanks for that information Hillsboro, I wonder if any of them are still alive. Yes I do have a good memory especially of growing up in Rotherham and Sheffield, (I used to stay with my auntie who had a newsagents in Gower St). Both Sheffield and Rotherham were scruffy places then but busy and prosperous plus has kids we had virtual freedom to roam.
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