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  1. And 'the right of the old school called Chippy Broomheads - only dinner and tea! Mind you, over the years I lived there so I would be interested to know if it's still there ...
  2. My wife and I will be in London in mid-January and I'll try to check some historical clubs clash played in the 70s and 80s. I have a book that says the first concert was played by The Clash at The Swan in Sheffield on July 4, 1976 with the Sex Pistols...
  3. What a coincidence! The other day my mother and I were talking about what the area is Orchard Square used to look .... He mentioned the Stonehouse pub as the place where she and my father had his first appointment in the 70's and since then I tried to find a photo outside the bar in the image of Sheffield vain....
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