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  1. Well visited again last night and it was once more superb, we had the Thalasseri chicken and ginger prawns starters, really tasty and quite filling to be fair. Mains were Chattinad chicken and Varutharacha Prawn both excellent,pilau rice was recommended by the waiter with these dishes, so had that and 2 Pooris, freshly fried, heaven!!! Had a chat with the chef about the restaurant and its now I believe No 1 in Sheffield! It rightly deserves its place if it is.
  2. Went to two states again on Saturday for my birthday treat and once again had a great meal, its fast becoming our favourite restaurant, not just because of the food, but also the great service and waiters/waitresses. Had the ginger prawns, delicious, They even chucked in a free drink as it was my birthday!! It was interesting to see a large party (15) of I assume, Southern Indian customers, ordering a meal, always a good sign of a good restaurant. Keep up the good work, people seem to be coming from far and wide to eat here, a couple came from Leeds who we spoke to.
  3. I bought an ankke which came out pretty well on test and reviews, it has POE which means the cameras are powered by the Ethernet cable from the stand alone hard drive. The recorder just loops every month, which means it records over itself. I have 4 cameras set up,they provide everything, you can even get the app for free and watch on your phone from anywhere. Its 1080p and has black and white infra red at nights. Quality of cameras are great. Date, times on video too. Cost was about £145:00,dead easy to set up. Its been working now for over a year with no issues what so ever. A great buy. Hope this helps
  4. We went to two states on Saturday,our first choice would have been the front room,but the kitchen is being refurbished at the moment. So we looked on the t'internet and opted to try the two states for a change. it wasn't overly busy as it was early evening,we were greeted by a nice chatty waiter who promptly seated us.Without going into detail as in what we had,the meal was really very good and different.Nice ambience and service.my wife remarked it was the best curry she had eaten ever!WE WILL RE VISIT SOON.
  5. Any body have one of the Pizzas there last night and felt unwell? My wife and I shared a pizza last night which I must admit are excellent but last night we both had to use the toilet later on that night. I was wondering had anyone else had one last night with the same/similar problem? The Pub andf Pizzas are great it may just be a one off!
  6. Found some terd on my bay ripping the lead from one side of the roof a few weeks ago with a hoodie on,slowly opened the window and pushed him off the bay. He must have 9 lives as he landed on his fekkin feet on the grass,never looked up at me just walked off as if hed done nothing,walked around the corner but by the time i got dressed he'd obviously slung his hook. Now ive 24 hour surviellance and built a sloping roof,obviously at a cost,because the wife felt threatened.
  7. Nags head has increaded its prices to £2:00 a pint,but still good value!
  8. Its £4:00 per session,Thursday is a good one.Try your first session for free.
  9. What about chaucer school on Tues or Thursdays 7-00 till 8-00.I know some lads come from Walkley area
  10. Try Chaucer school gym,they do a great circuit Tues and Thursdays 7:00 till 8:00. Mixed classes and various ages too. Not only weights though. Its only £3:00 as well. Hope this helps
  11. Buy them on the net,its sooooo easy to fit. Bought some off ebay. BS Euro Cylinder Anti Snap Bump Drill Pick High Security UPVC Door Lock Barrel Size:45/45 (90mm Overall) Finish:Nickel 320857938633 - Price: £12.45 Quantity:1
  12. We went for a carvery on sunday about 5:30 ish,it wasnt busy. The chef(alleged)carved the worst piece of fat and gristle i ever had. The beef was full of it. His appearance was scruffy,there were no carrots,when i asked were those herby diced potatoes? he replied,i dont know, just some potatoes that tasted nice? They were dry and cold to be honest. They really need to rejig there yorkshire pudding mix,they were flat and stodgey. It was the worst carvery we have been to at the old Horns,its usually really good. We just hope its a one off. will let you know.
  13. I had a takeaway from here last night,and to be honest the £20:56 i paid was a little extreme for what we got,especially when you compare this meal with the ones we had over the last 2 weeks from Cafe Marsala,and Garam Marsala,just opposite each other on Walkley. The prawn puree was OK, prawns were good, but sauce a little too dry for me.Onion Bhajis were again nothing out of the ordinary. My wife had chicken makhani which to be honest looked like thickened potato soup(nothing like others she has had)and it was really sweet. On to my chicken madras,well it looked really red in colour again not looking like previous curries i had,had.Chicken was fine. Pilau rice was really good and Nan again similar to other curry houses. I usually have left over for next day but on this occasion both me and my wife ate it all. Overall it was ok but in my opinion i have had better.Service was fine and on time for my collection. Again its all down to personal taste,but for me a little dissapointing.
  14. Hiya Turnip Come along to chaucer school at 7:00 Tues/Thurs for circuit training.Most of the guys there are mid 40s late 50s.Its interesting and a reet laugh too.
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