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  1. From the videos it's flooded the dipped under pass pathway on the Meadowhall side just past the overhead bridge from the station.
  2. I don't believe Alvarez has got enough pop to keep Golovkin off him. Just because he cracked some fine china in Kirkland's and Khan's jaw people think he's some kind of punching / KO monster. Once Golovkin starts connecting with some power shots he'll walk him down and stop him.
  3. What network offers unlimited tethering? I miss my 3 One Plan
  4. Avidemux ( ) is the best free video editing software: http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/ Once you've installed and opened, drag and drop your video file > select filters > select rotate and the required amount of degrees> set your preferred video output > save video
  5. I saw this happen, it was an oldish looking bloke in the right hand side lane who just went straight through the red lights going towards Tesco: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3887413,-1.4606313,3a,75y,98.14h,59.13t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sHeXIZLqZklPAomH1-Fw2zg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 It was quite a spectacular crash, he was flipped and somehow managed to land propped up on the crossing railings.
  6. I'm after the following to make an adapter for the PS4: - Arduino 5V Pro Micro - 6Pin USB 2.0 to TTL UART Module Serial Converter - Dupont female cables
  7. Fixing it yourself? Replacement displays for the Sony Xperia M are only £5 on Ebay. If you take it to a shop you're going to get ripped off, just look at the prices on that website
  8. It's somebody in a suped up white car, possibly a Peugeot or Corsa, I didn't get a good look at it, but the idiot seems to like backfire.
  9. Thanks, but the motherboard manual says it will only accept 184 PIN DDR SDRAM modules. Is that per module or for the 3x 1GB I want? If it's the former then are the £10 3GB Samsung kits from China a scam on ebay?
  10. Speaking of DDR1 ram is there a place that sells cheap 1 gb modules in Sheffield? I need three for an old system, pc3200, 2.5v, ebay seems to be all second hand, but then there's the really cheap stuff from China, 3gb for £10
  11. Got Sky broadband about two months ago and the speed is atrocious, pages fail to load, slow download speeds, I can't even connect two devices, what speeds do other people get? I've never had a download speed higher than 110KB/s, this is all the time and not some throttling period. We've had the Sky engineer out, a new phone line, router and it's still useless. I downloaded a PS4 game update the other day and it took three days to complete
  12. If anyone has had a Specialized road bike stolen; matte black / white decals, matte black deep rim wheels, white saddle, somebody took into the Fitzwilliam Centre. A scruffy looking chap (grey jogging bottoms, dark coloured jumper, cap, with a plastic yellow JD Sports bag over his shoulder) on a bike like that just didn't look right so I rode after him, this idiot was bunny hopping the kerbs and all over the place, the bike clearly wasn't his as he could barely reach the peddles when on the saddle. I just managed to keep eyes on him and saw him wheel the bike into this building. I followed him from the Decathlon/Staples traffic light crossing where he nearly got clipped by a car.
  13. Those <REMOVED> dogs The house is being refurbished? I haven't noticed any tradesmen working on it, I did see a scruffy looking pair (man & woman) climbing out of the front upstairs window a few weeks back, in the early hours, 4am or so, they then started to shout and throw stuff at the dogs. The window that they climbed out of is still open.
  14. Langsett Cycles are rubbish, it took them four days to replace a bladed spoke and tru my wheel after they said it would be done the next day Planet X are the best I've used: http://www.planetx.co.uk/bike-servicing
  15. If your Blu-Ray player supports MKV (via USB?), then surely it accepts MOV and MP4 files? Format Factory is the best video converter: http://www.pcfreetime.com/
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