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  1. There are a fair few folk walk/drive down to Whittington Moor from Newbold to catch the X17 for their Sheffield commute in peak hours, whether there is any time saving for people getting onto the 43 at the nearest bus stop in Newbold as opposed to continue doing this is very debatable. Purely my opinion but I can't help but think we in Chesterfield are due for a recast of many bus services during 2020 judging by the changes made so far this year, I would expect a further change to the Newbold Circular should the 43 re-route be confirmed as per consultation.
  2. Looks like Killamarsh will see a further reduction in buses in the new year and a good addition to journey time for anyone coming into Chesterfield en route from there. I cant help but think Stagecoach Chesterfield are trying out a new strategy here, we suddenly have links to all sorts of cities, outlying shopping centres etc whilst services into town seem to be reducing at a rapid rate..which probably signs the times of our town centres https://www.stagecoachbus.com/promos-and-offers/yorkshire/proposed-changes-in-chesterfield-jan-2020?amp;amp;amp;dm_i=50SA,3BM2,LHPFO,B6OV,1
  3. Anyone using the 271/2 service to get to/from Derbyshire should be thankful the service is on the whole comercially viable enough to continue in some form. If you weren't aware subsidies to bus services are beng significantly cut this side of the border, taking effect in October. The below announcement has been made today and as much as this article is portrayed positively, in reality it may well see further subsidised scheduled services withdrawn to be replaced with services you must pre book on before you travel:- http://www.chesterfield.co.uk/2017/08/derbyshire-connect-services-rolled-countywide/
  4. Look North really doesnt cover Sheffield properly and this is where Sheffield Live local tv should come into its own following Sheffield events and news but doesnt, assuming you can receive it. If you have Sky and have the time to manually add Notts TV via other channels for comparision to Sheffield Live, you'll realise why Notts TV is one of the few local channels doing really well and to be fair they are doing nothing that wouldn't work in Sheffield if there was the will
  5. £16.50 on bus £28.10 on train, its a really easy commute on either. As per your assumption, we arent covered by the South Yorkshire ticket in Chesterfield ---------- Post added 17-02-2017 at 20:23 ---------- Should note if you go with the bus option the weekly ticket covers all Stagecoach bus and tram services in Sheffield aswell as all bus services in the Chesterfield borough.
  6. Absolutely marvellous! Thanks for your suggestions everyone, I am going to the area on Friday to complete a dummy run so will certainly look into all of the above.
  7. Hi all Due to work commitments I will shortly need to commute to Europa Walk (Sheffield Business Park) from Chesterfield and being a non car owner I need to do this by public transport. Chesterfield to Sheffield is a doddle but looking at bus times it appears there is only an in the main hourly servce 74 from Sheffield centre to Europa that could make life difficult as my role doesn't go by set hours. I have therefore started looking at alternatives and will openly admit I do not know this area of Sheffield at all but looking at Streetmap it appears the tram stops around the Arena could be circa 30 mins walk away from Europa Walk, which I really dont mind. Does anyone else use the tram to the Arena and walk onwards to confirm my timings sound about right and if so is it easy enough to do? Alternatively any advice on other options I have missed would be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  8. Posting on Chesterfield Forum or Chesterfield Online will get you a better answer as there are a few local taxi drivers on these sites. Last time I went from s41 to buxton it cost 35 quid each way and that was about 4 years ago. Pending times you need to go to/from theres the very much cheaper albeit very limited bus service to/from Buxton (number 66)
  9. Work on Division Street and cant help but notice new working week another shop gone at the moment, all of which are still thriving but gone elsewhere! Whats occuring landlord put rent up out of reach or any grand plans forthcoming? At the rate its going it'll be a ghost town round us next month
  10. Couldnt agree more with this, you've still got a very good service, prices froze and if all goes to plan a better service in the future. A 12min wait would be a luxury had I just missed the previous bus, another on a far less frequent timetable here, I would be more than happy to wait a mere 12 mins for the next un. I need to be a little more organised about my day to catch the relevant bus but cant complain about the service I get at all.
  11. haha Andy C my idea of heaven, if only I had the money to invest in such a place ---------- Post added 01-04-2014 at 22:23 ---------- As a total aside, went visiting mates in birmingham other month taxi driver got totally lost enroute so we told him to pull into next pub we found. Not sure bout posting links on here so search prince of wales in moseley, birmingham but its where we ended up. Smoking shelter is a venue in itself and one of the sheds is a cheese and pie shop, looks like the most unassuming pub from the outside, if it werent for chatting to one of the locals we'd have missed everything that was happening beyond the front bar area lol...if only we had that round here
  12. Theres another real ale shop on Chatsworth Road in Chesterfield (across from Morrisons) that serves pints or you could drink your recent purchase on site. Even has its own micro beer garden! ---------- Post added 27-03-2014 at 19:59 ---------- Got me thinking bout this if anyone fancies a real ale trip to Chesterfield, start at the real ale corner (shop as per above post), nip round the corner to the Rose and Crown (Brampton Brewery), wonder down the road to The Tap House (Barlow Brewery), carry on down the road to the Tramway Tavern (Brampton Brewery), keep going in a straight line to the Chesterfield Alehouse. If you still have the stamina go to the White Swan in town, very close to railway station to get you back to sheffield. If you need a stop off en route loads of other more the norm type pubs to hand down the Brampton Mile, usually with a live band on though Totally recommended!! Live in Chesterfield but spend most me life in Sheffield, something like this would surely boom in Sheff, its working really well here!
  13. With you, sorry my error, mind went blank re its name was on about same pub as you in my post. We're also going to get another brewery open up in April. Its really refreshing to see pubs opening up again and they're attracting the crowds that's not been seen for years in some of these establishments!
  14. Do you mean Chesterfield Arms? Much better to be found elsewhere nowadays. We're having a mini boom of micro breweries in Chesterfield at the mo totally recommend the Micro Brewery on West Bars in Chesterfield, Barlow Brewery have also just opened a pub, The Tap House, up Brampton (west side of Chesterfield)...and of course we have the Brampton Brewery pubs up Brampton, well worth the visit if you like your real ales
  15. Cheers annb3811, like you not bothered bout any compo and as you prob felt just want the matter closed, more concerned bout credit ratings and all that. Feel silly not looking into ombudsman before now it is in small print of bill as I've just discovered. Got a meeting for work tomorrow which involves a 3.5hr train ride, know what I will be doing en route now lol!
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