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  1. Might have some time next week. Give me a ring around Friday and I'll try to pop up for a look
  2. The external pipe should be at least 32mm waste pipe (1.1/4") and lag it with this:https://www.bes.co.uk/boiler-condensate-pipe-insulation-355mm-x-25mm-x-2m-20926
  3. leelister6

    New business advice

    Probably having a load of flyers made up and either take them round or pay to have them delivered with a local free newspaper would be a better option
  4. They'll be in the M.I. of the boiler you're having fitted/moved
  5. leelister6

    Corgigasman / Steve Turner

    Was he registered at the time he carried out the work? If so, the cert is valid. You need to check before putting a post like this on. It's easy to check whether someone is currently registered via the Gas Safe website. I'd encourage everyone to check before employing someone to carry out safety critical work (not just gas). I always carry my Gas Safe I.D. card and have NEVER been asked by a customer to produce it in the last 8 years. It also doesn't help that gas appliances and parts are sold to anyone and not restricted to registered engineers
  6. Some agencies will charge a percentage of what they pay you, some charge a flat fee and some will pay you £18/hour and charge the client £25/hr. Parasites, but sometimes you have no choice but to bend over and take it
  7. leelister6

    Brickie day rate

    Quid a block, less for bricks
  8. Probably full of sludge. Could do with taking off and flushing through. Also a system filter is a good idea such as a Magnaclean Pro2
  9. C.H output of a combi is usually lower than the hot water output. A Vaillant Ecotec pro 24Kw for example will provide a maximum of around 19Kw of C.H output. You can work out the size of the combined radiators required in Kw and see if the boiler can cope. Most radiator manufacturers show the output in Kw and BTU's (a kudox 600x1200 double from Screwfix is approx. 2.5Kw so in theory you could get away with 7 of that size)
  10. leelister6

    Cars clamped Dixon rd

    Seen about half a dozen clamped up Stocksbridge and Deepcar. Should give em 30 days then send em to auction
  11. leelister6

    Advice on price for new consumer unit

    Had mine replaced for £175 with building regs cert
  12. Unless of course your heating system is fed from tanks in the loft/airing cupboard, in which case, the leak (if it is a leak) will be constant

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