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  1. Hi All Can anyone recommend any places that do beginner dance classes for adults? I've been wanting to learn to dance for years now, never had the courage before, but think its about time I give it a go. I'm interested in ballroom, and jazz/jive, and it would have to be in the evening as I work all day. Thanks.
  2. Hi RR It was a really positive event, and we were told that at the peak point, there were around 800 people in attendance. Lots of interesting viewpoints were expressed, and there was even a very small protest by 3 skinheads carrying a Union Jack (who we specifically requested that the police leave alone so they could express themselves, although no-one knew what group they were meant to be representing). Thanks to all who attended; we appreciate that it was a very cold day and were glad to see so many people put the effort in. We were happy to see the local news covering it, although a little more balanced coverage would have been great as there were a number of different views represented - humanist, muslim, jewish, buddhist etc. The Facebook page will hopefully publish the transcript of speeches over the next few days, and we're hoping to get them put somewhere public so those who could not attend can still find out what was said on the day.
  3. Just a reminder that this is happening today. We'd love to see as many people there as possible, whether you are non-religious, christian, muslim etc. It doesn't matter whether you identify with 'Je Suis Charlie', 'Je Suis Ahmed', 'Je Suis Juif' or 'Je Suis Humaine', or even none of these, its a show of solidarity to reflect that free speech should never be curtailed, and despite how one may feel about the pictures published, it does not give anyone the right to take violent action.
  4. Fantastic, thanks. We're getting the message out via social media, and spreading the word as far as possible. We have a public Facebook page that anyone can join and share: https://www.facebook.com/events/383541548437467 We'll give updates as soon as we have them.
  5. On Sunday 11th January 2015, at 3pm, at Barker's Pool, Sheffield City Centre, a service of commemoration, remembrance and solidarity for those killed in the recent atrocities in Paris will be held. The event will be reflecting on the lives of those killed and injured, and celebrating their work, as well as the ideals that they lived and died for. This event has the full backing of the local council and the Lord Mayor and the leader of the council are due to be in attendance; MPs will be invited, and we hope for a good turnout from the public. We intend that the event will be a time for reflection, expression and prayer; we will be taking the opportunity to talk about the importance of free speech, respect, tolerance and support, and how these precious values hold our society together. Speakers will be from a variety of backgrounds and will represent a variety of beliefs and ideals. For further details, please visit http://bit.ly/chsheffield
  6. I live in S2, so I'll keep an eye out, and I've shared this on Facebook and Twitter. I hope your BIL finds the cat, and that he sees this as a good reason to get that microchip fitted!
  7. Thanks all, looks like I have some calls to make
  8. I only hope this means they'll do more Vicar of Dibley I'm non-religious, but I'm glad to see the church at least trying to make amends for the many centuries of wrong-doing.
  9. Boasting is really dumb selfglorification TIMER
  10. At the mo, I'm just looking for recommendations of companies who would work in the S2 area.
  11. Can anyone recommend a good home cat-sitter service? I'm going away in August for 4 days, and would prefer that my cat stayed at home rather than go into a cattery. I'd prefer companies that use CRB/DBS cleared staff. I'd be happy to receive messages as well as responses on this thread. Many Thanks
  12. Hi folks. Not sure if you know this, but Peter Tatchell is giving a talk in Sheffield tonight on 'The Unfinished Battle for LGBT Rights in the UK'. Its at St. Georges Lecture Theatre (the old converted church) on Portobello / Mappin Street, and starts at 7.30pm (doors open at 7). It is a ticketed event, but all proceeds are going to the Peter Tatchell Foundation. Tickets are £5 or £4 unwaged. You can get more details and tickets here bit.ly/PeterTatchell There should be some tickets on the door if they don't all sell out online. We'd love to see you all there
  13. I know someone has already posted about this in Events, but I wanted to post it again to make sure its seen. Peter Tatchell, esteemed human rights campaigner, will be speaking in Sheffield tonight on 'The Unfinished Battle for LGBT Rights in the UK'. The meeting is at St. George's Lecture Theatre, Mappin Street. Its the old converted church. Doors open at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start. Mr. Tatchell has been active in campaigning for human rights for decades. He has attempted a citizens arrest on Robert Mugabe, and was attacked in Russia for speaking out for LGBT rights. It is a ticketed event, but all proceeds will be going to the Peter Tatchell Foundation to enable his work for equal rights for all to continue. Tickets cost £5 or £4 for unwaged. You can find out more information, and purchase tickets, here: bit.ly/PeterTatchell It is being hosted by the Sheffield Humanist Society, in conjunction with the University of Sheffield, and all are welcome. There will be some tickets available on the door should they not sell out online. Thanks.
  14. I'm going to give this post a friendly bump It should be a good event. Everyone is welcome, regardless of religion, beliefs etc. Tickets are still available, you can get there here bit.ly/PeterTatchell or on the door if they do not sell out online.
  15. I'm one of these 'mad, raving Lefties' that you speak of, and Scargill is certainly no hero of mine.
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