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  1. I think you might need to explain to people what it's all about?
  2. I thought it was a bit crap! It bored my arse off when they were messing around on the recliner lol I liked the end bit when he had the ****s lol n the banana in the punch
  3. Sorry..I didn't make the effort to search, I couldn't be arsed lol Now you have told me, I will go and look and tell you what I think...ok? lol
  4. My dad calls my mum Sid (after Sid vicious ) I think I have inherited this
  5. Ok...errrrm... How do I find that on there? whats your favourite?
  6. Ok back on topic... What music do you listen to on Tiscali music?
  7. lol, i know. What do you expect me to be like? sucking your a r s e?
  8. Show yourself up even more why don't you.
  9. you have the cheek to call me a numpty!!! Thank you for the laugh!!!
  10. Right the point I am trying to make is that Tiscali music has a load of ****** on there (for me anyway) I wondered if anyone else felt like this? I didn't ask if some idiotic fool would post the most unuseful ****** on my thread did I? So bog off and cause a stupid arguement somewhere else...D i c k face!!!
  11. Why would I listen to music I don't like Get a brain woman!
  12. Yeah lol the SAD million! it's funny isn't it!
  13. Awww, I'm glad you like that song! Not many people do.
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