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  1. My wife has a similar problem when parking at the hospital. Despite having a doctors parking permit, there are numerous spaces allocated to staff being illegally parked in. She had her car clamped once, however when the parking attendant realised it was medical staff it was released no questions. They dont have an easy job to be fair to them.
  2. I have an E410 its a great camera! Ideal to get into DSLR imaging.
  3. You have some great shots there, do you mind if I ask which camera / lens setup you are using? I have an Olympus E410 10MP DSLR which takes some great shots, I'm thinking of moving to a D5 Canon.
  4. Who else is watching this? The guy is proper hardcore. Imagine drinking from the guts of a Camel, eating its flesh and then to top it off, sleeping in its carass using its skin as a blanket. Nice
  5. lol - I meant its likely people will take pictures of their friends / family on their own tables for themselves.
  6. Actually, thats a nice idea - unless they take them home!
  7. I think its fair to say that with credit becoming harder to get it will directly affect the prices people are willing to pay for property. Also, bear in mind the rising cost of living in general. For example, fuel prices directly affect most things we buy as well as the fuel put into our vehicles. You can stil find the odd gem amongst properties, however you need to be realistic now as a buyer and seller. Increasingly mortgages are being refused to those on lower incomes unless they are willing to absorb higer interest rates into their monthly. Ultimately, property cannot keep increasing year on year. There has to be a point where it finds an average level.
  8. Maybe the checkout assistant just fancied him
  9. Its usually the old checkout staff who ask for ID. You know, the kind old enough to be your great grandparents.
  10. If you want to see these 'landmarks' retained then I think you're too late.
  11. I would love to see the start of the next series of 'The Apprentice', with Alan Sugar arriving in a Toyota Prius. Well maybe not...
  12. The council should do a highways inspection before such work is carried out (usually at the expense of the contractor / client) as this is to safeguard against any false claims of damage against the contractor / client. I think the reviews are meant to be ongoing, that is before work starts, whilst the work is ongoing and once the work is complete. If you can show tangible evidence that perhaps the wagons have caused damage to the road, I am sure the council would be interested to hear about it, although whether anything is done would depend greatly on the strength of the evidence provided. This is more often then not the hardest bit!
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