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  1. It all looks incredibly staged to me. I find it hard to believe that the storage company doesn't have someone to do valuations of the stuff prior to auction.
  2. Going back to Baden Powell. Its interesting to see David Lammy speaking highly of the organisation: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2007/apr/22/davidsmith.theobserver
  3. I'm very surprised to see Harold Wilson on the list https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/fury-over-claim-harold-wilson-18386693 Dig deep enough and you can probably find fault with just about anything or anyone.
  4. And if its a small amount, the recipient might not bother to cash it if it means a trip to the bank. I don't think I'd have bothered with my British Gas one if I didn't have the app, as it was only for £5.36.
  5. A more technical article about it here: https://www.theregister.com/2020/06/01/android_bricked_by_wallpaper/
  6. It looks very similar to a part used for a hole saw attachment for a hand drill.
  7. I got a cheque refund from British Gas last week. Even though they have my account details to pay the money into my bank. But, nope, they don't work that way. They'd rather waste paper, envelopes and postage. Thank God for the cheque scanning feature on my mobile banking app.
  8. Lancashire police have had to deploy officers to the Preston ones to deal with the traffic. Great use of resources.
  9. Some idiot queued for THREE hours near me.
  10. But the kit comprises of the gas £60, and £20 for the trigger and gauge. And a waste of money if the system is leaking. A full aircon check and regas is only £59 at Kwik Fit or ATS, and probably cheaper at other places. There's a garage in Chesterfield that sometimes does a £25 groupon deal.
  11. What were you using to make the PDFs? I use CutePDF, that's always worked well.
  12. Shearings have been in trouble for years. A friend of mine worked for them and regaled me with tales of takeovers and new owners being shocked at the state of the hotels and how much it would cost to upgrade them, not to mention the declining number of customers.
  13. Depends. Is it just not cold or not coming on at all? The radiator cooling fan is needed for the aircon to operate. If this isn't working then aircon won't work. Kwik Fit offer tests and don't charge if your aircon has a fault. I wouldn't risk buying a can and doing it yourself, if your system has a leak then you've just wasted your money and put some nasty pollutant into the atmosphere.
  14. Project Almanac (2015) on Film Four. Absolutely terrible time travel movie, filmed in the "found footage" style. So many plot holes and flaws in it. 2/10
  15. Labour aren't so squeaky clean. Stephen Kinnoch, Tahir Ali, Kevan Jones, all broke lockdown rules for non essential distance travel. Lisa Nandy didn't help by defending those above while criticising Cummings.
  16. I've been buying direct from breweries, getting a mixed case of 12 bottles.
  17. A lot of sellers say "tax to get you home". That means they don't notify the DVLA until the next day, to give you chance to get it home and tax it yourself.
  18. "If you’ve previously had Sky TV, you can simply connect your Sky box to the existing cables in your home, your Sky Viewing card automatically became a Freesat card once your monthly Sky TV subscription ended."
  19. Bob Ross is also on the channel VICE twice a day.
  20. Make a bootable USB stick with PING or Clonezilla. I use Clonezilla in a commerical environment. Clonezilla will allow you to copy to a smaller destination drive if the content will fit.
  21. You mean like they did in 1996 with Socialist Labour? Remind me again how that turned out! You talk of Labour MPs who should leave and join the Lib Dems. What if they were the majority and its the minority of Corbyn worshippers who need to leave? https://www.socialist-labour-party.org.uk/
  22. google image search "viz manc walk 2000"
  23. That code is for the cat converter reaching end of life. Replacements are cheap at CATS2U.
  24. Try the planning portal: https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/
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