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  1. On 25/01/2020 at 20:38, Hans-solo said:

    got a strange issue with my car just wondering if someones had similar as garages have no idea car is a petrol it starts drives briliant alls well till it warms up then exhaust from front of car rattles like mad sounds really rubbish does it mostly going up hill very rarely on flat  let car stand an hour its fine again somedays it dosent do it really getting on my nerves its a nice car other than that any suggestions appreciated apart from scrap it car has 47k on clock with full dealer history so its well cared for

    You don't mention the age of the car or the age of the exhaust.  Parts fail and wear out over time as well as mileage.

  2. Staggering. Truly staggering.



    Other critics claim she rarely spoke out on difficult issues - from anti-Semitism to Brexit - during her years in shadow cabinet.

    Some, including her supporters, have blamed it on shyness.


    She laughs that off. “I’m not shy, I was too busy working.

    I was locked in a room for four years developing a lot of the policies that were in the manifesto, rather than going around wining and dining.”

    But not too busy making her opinion known on Twitter for absolutely everything else which was a "safe topic".


    Labour's Rebecca Long-Bailey says 'I'm from Salford - no-one messes with me'


  3. 13 hours ago, Janus said:

    Then they could refuse to insure. After that, whenever you are asked the question, "Have you ever been declined insurance" what then?


    Hard to win with insurance companies. 

    Especially as an SP30 might not even affect your premium.


    Getting caught at faster speeds might though.

  4. Labour chairman Ian Lavery calls for Keir Starmer to quit leadership election and support a woman



    How about we just get the best person for the job, or is it because everyone but RLB is not a Corbyn suckup?



    he is “not taking any lectures” from people who “have undermined Jeremy Corbyn”.


  5. Jess Philips to pull out.  To be honest I'm not surprised, she performed poorly at the Liverpool hustings, has admitted she's not PM material and today she's Tweeted a big rant about asylum seekers needing more help and support, which hasn't gone down well at all.


    You've probably seen the "cat meme" everywhere. When I pictured her shouting at Boris at the dispatch box I thought of that.





  6. 1 hour ago, geared said:

    A guy was killed last year IIRC, car broke down on the M1 so he just got out and stood next to it.


    Also in 2018:



    Both the victim and driver of the Nissan got out of the car at about 21.40 BST, South Yorkshire Police said.


    About 15 minutes later, the Mercedes smashed into the car pushing the Nissan forward and hitting the passenger, a spokeswoman said.


  7. Amusing to see Rebecca Wrong Daily jump on the "press is racist" bandwagon, and conveniently forgetting the negative stories about Prince Edward, Fergie and Camilla over the years.


    To make matters worse she added her two-pennorth that every criticism against Dianne Abbot is also racism.

  8. 21 hours ago, banjodeano said:

    to be perfectly honest, i think a lot of the traditional labour voters had already been lost, i think they had become  disillusioned with the party even before Corbyn came to power

    That's usual though for most parties which are in power for a long time.    They just need a term or two in opposition before they bounce back.


    But when centrist Labour voters were ready to come back and had forgiven Labour for their failings towards the end of their final term, there was no party for them to come back to.  

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