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  1. my mate lives on your road and he's been there 30 odd years,a very well know villian lived next door to him and was often getting visits from plod...one night my friend heard a lot of banging coming from upstairs...then foot steps comin down the stairs...his living room door opened and there stood the said "bad lad" oreyt jack he said...ive just knocked a hole through up in loft just incase i need to get away a bit sharpish ....my mate just nodded wide mouthed as the bad lad exited the front door :hihi::hihi:
  2. been to this gig a few times..great vibes brilliant choons! rude boi ska mi old china's
  3. i prefer to listen to radio 2 in the mornings these days,in my opinion toby was a good presenter and it was worth tunning in to listen to his show,i spoke with him a few times on his show about various things and ive also chatted with him at a few scooter meetings over the years (he owns a lovley vespa) suppose whats done will come out eventually but i think its radio sheffields loss that he's no longer on the air.... good luck for the future toby and if tha gets gets desprate (lol) i'll buy the scooter off ya ;)
  4. i dont think he was good for sheffield at all pal...i'm yet to meet anyone that actually liked him.
  5. couldn't stand the bloke,i found him an arrogant embarrasment.....total bell end that was rightfully but on his backside when he finally went in the ring with someone with real skill and class.. the only person in the history of mankind to be more annoying than he was his younger brother.
  6. people dont use pubs anymore,well not like they used to,so obviously the local as we used to know it will be no more,i work allover sheffield and its the same where ever i go..local pubs are now shops.churches,advice centres or just demolished its a shame but not suprising...high prices(cheap super markets) and the smoking ban are the main reasons,even though i'm not a smoker myself what would have been wrong having pubs with a smoking room (when possible) and a not smoking room?...seems a sim;pe soloution to me.
  7. a lass up wincobank just did me a great custom job on my px200 seat...i'm sure she can just do a plain one if thats what you want... i'll pm you her number
  8. a lass up wincobank makes them..any design you want,she did me some spot light covers a spare wheel cover and a seat cover for my scooter,really really good quality stuff and very reasonable price wise
  9. me and the family (5 adults 2 kids) went to Jumeirah Spice in ecclesfield last week,it was our first visit and the food and service was excellent...although it was expensive(£150) it was well worth it...ive been eating curries for over 30 years and i'd put the Jumeirah Spice in my top ten without a doubt...maybe top 3 even... i think the drinks cost over 50 quid so it wouldn't have been that expensive had we all drank water
  10. i certainly didn't sing "there's only one jagielka"
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