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  1. Just been talking about this place with friend. It's nickname is the brown shop. Everything from there no matter what you order is brown. How does that work? Lol
  2. Realistically no comments can be made intil the full report is completed. A basic report is issued to the school which they then have something like 10 days to comment on before it goes to complete report. With this still being a new school and Ofsted recently making changes to their system the report issued was bound to be difficult. I just hope the parents constantly complaining about the school on the internet don't also make these negative comments to their children as this will not help the school at all. My daughter is at FV and I do love the school. Yes there are many teething problems some of which have been dealt with and some are still being considered but overall the school is pretty good. I hear reports from friends of how their children are treated at school and am thankful!!
  3. And as for children learning independence a 5 year olds independence is dressing themselves, pouring their own milk, cutting their meat not playing out of their parents view
  4. At the end of the day everyone is in great shock over this case but yes many of us parents are wondering why a 5 year old was out without an adult at 7.30pm. I would never have a go at the parents, they must be going through hell, but when I saw the aerial shot showing their house and the place she was playing with her friend I felt physically sick. A large grassy area and a row of buildings are inbetween both areas. No way for even a "quick check". Whilst we cannot watch our children 24hours and should not stop them playing outside we should all take precautions and lay down rules and boundaries as my parents did with me as a child. We insure our property just in case and lock our doors shouldn't we safeguard our children too? Moreso if fact. Our children are precious. Call me over-protective or a scaremongerer I don't care. The truth is it can happen and it does so we should do our best to prevent it.
  5. I wasn't smacked as a child and I don't smack my kids either. There are other ways of disciplining other than using violence. This depends very much on the individual child and what would make the most difference to them but I think smacking should never be an option. All it does is suggest to the child that hitting is right.
  6. Hi Mick Still not been in despite my threats to. Hope all going well and hope to see you and Dawn soon xxx Ps it's Karen btw
  7. Are you sure she would be entitled to JSA? When my fiance moves in with me I lose JSA!
  8. It is some time since I worked in insurance but I would recommend going to a broker and they can refer to the insurance company who may enforce restrictions and insist on particular locks and a maintained alarm system but it should be possible.
  9. Apologies when I said suit I meant suit and tie. A suit looks wrong without a tie anyway. Whatever you wear good luck!
  10. Tbh modern feeling is that you should dress for an interview in a way that is suitable for the job however personally I feel a suit shows you can be bothered!
  11. I am currently at Far Lane Medical Centre and although the doctors there are very nice getting an appointment is a nightmare. I have 2 daughters so it is not always possible to go at 8am and sit for ages on the off chance. And worse still, ringing for appointments for my children is never taken as priority as I feel children and the elderly should be. I would personally get an appointment and sit for a while knowing I would definately get to see a doctor than drag both children with possiblity of them missing school with no definate appointment.
  12. Don't feel that medication is a no-no. I have suffered from depression several times in the past. I know the feeling of being on the outside looking in, of feeling that the world is going on and leaving you behind. These days I have been very lucky and have managed to pull myself back but I have in the past taken medication, sometimes just a months supply is enough. It just helps you get on top of it and enables you to overcome some of those low feelings and make sense of your thoughts. Diet and exercise will not help if you are very low am afraid as thar is not dealing with the underlying problem. I recommend having a chat with your doctor. If you don't want the medication that is your choice but perhaps try speaking to a counseller as "getting your head around it" is often enough to help you know what is best to deal with it.
  13. So they should put up and shut up? yes they know they are out delivering in all weathers. They even know about dog attacks as is something of an age old joke. But do they know the rubbish they have to take from people when all they are doing is their job? Is that acceptable?
  14. I eat the gherkin but not the burger!!
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