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  1. I fed a hungery balck cat yesterday that i have seen a couple of times. I am on Cookes but a bit further away. Dont know if it was male or female as it didnt want to lay on its back and let me look. It did have the brown tinges and didnt look old. It was happy to be stroked. I will PM you. i know what it is like to loose cat as my big black boy went missing in November.
  2. Thanks for the info Magsie, i have added him to the RSPCA site. We leaflet dropped locally on Thursday, and have put a notice in the vets and they checked their lost/found info and have put notices down the lane at the back to try an get people to check sheds on the allotments. He has done it before but has usually only been gone a couple of days. We have only just agreed to keep these two lovely brothers after fostering them for friends since April. We are beginning to think he has been gone a bit too long now.
  3. I have a missing cat, last seen on Wednesday morning when he left the house in Crookes, St Anthony Rd. He is a large (5.5kg) black cat with bent over ears (Scottish fold breed) with red collar, he's called Paws. He's very curious and gets shut in places really easily. He has a phone number on and is chipped. Can i please ask if people round the area can check their sheds, garages, outhouses, bin sheds just to check he's not in there. His brother is missing him greatly, they look exactly the same but he has a blue collar, so you may have seen him around. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Fuzzy
  4. There may be trouble ahead - Frank Sinatra Lets stay together - Al Green My first, my last, my everything - Barry White We just picked songs we liked. And who can bet a bit of Bazza Or as played the other day Unforgettable
  5. Does anyone have any idea why there is a caravan on this site this morning?? Its not a work one (i don't think), looks like it is and old abandoned one.
  6. That's funny because i was going to ask the same. Having had a good wander about down there last Sunday we found that there is an area that has had a lot of work done on one area with all the hedges trimmed back, and a couple of pigs down there.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has one of these? Or if heating engineers have any veiws on them. http://www.homeheatingguide.co.uk/british-gas-baxi-ecogen-boiler.html?gclid=CPqNvdKUxqUCFVAf4Qod-HE39g http://www.baxi.co.uk/products/2137.htm My main concern is that we have really strong winds out the back of the house and the boiler would be on the back so is the pilot light going to get blown out all the time?? Does it have a pilot light as our old one doesn't. Any help/ info appreciated. Thanks Fuzzy
  8. But why did they need a Pizza oven?? Thats taking it a bit far for an allotment. Would that lead to the land being classed as used differently??
  9. Wow, I had been checking on this but everyone has come in while i wasn't here. I came to see if there was any word on further meetings. So if the grant application has been withdrawn, has the whole project been abandoned? I believed the lease had been signed for 6 years. What are you going to do with it now? Why the need for the grant?? If there is asbestos on the land then surely it should be cleared by the land owner?? Everyone else that gets an allotment has to put their own money and hard work in to get the land sorted out, supplies are usually got from skips unless you are prepared to spend your own money making it all posh. Maybe the council shud give everyone with an allotment a skip because most of them have a skip load of rubbish on them. My objections were that i have been trying to get an allotment down there for over a year and i end up just going around and around with the company. Other concerns were also about the animals the group were planning on having, and the smell and noise, and what would happen if something went wrong in the night and noone lives around to care for them. Why are they not setting up in Crosspool nearer the people in the group. Questions asked by residents were not directly answered, there was a lot of skirting around things. That makes people suspicious. And why did they need a pizza oven on there is the most curious question?? And i don't think you did yourselves any favours bringing the blond woman around to visit residents either, i've spoken to a few and they have said she put them off even thinking about it.
  10. I have to say i was quite surprised there was nothing already on here. There are many issues. Why cut down an establised wood in Crookes when there is land in Crosspool where they live?? Parking?? They put a letter out to residents answering questions that had been raised, and none were actually answered, all just skirted round, looking like they don't give a **** about residents and there thoughts.
  11. But it is not their community, they are from Croospool. Why can't it be done there?
  12. One of mine had this, though i can't remember if over or under active. She was about 13/14 (rescue) She lost weight if i remember. Had blood tests done. It was thyroid, we decided on the operation. and it was all done in less than a month, she recovered really quickly and she lived another 2 years and died from probably cancer, completely unrelated. There is the choice of tablets (???), operation for removal £300 (was) plus a small possibility of tablets needed (mine didn't need), and my mum aslo says as her cat has this atm some kind of radioactive iodine therapy £1200 and they have to live away from the family for about a month. Hope it all goes well for you and your cat.
  13. It is land between St Anthony Rd and Bole Hill Rd. I was wondering where and why they had been turned down by the council on the 2 sites in Crosspool already???
  14. I was wondering if anyone knew anymore about this http://www.thestar.co.uk/headlines/Row-over-farm-plan-plan.6558147.jp or the group??
  15. Is there any chance we could possibly get one of the history packs so we can read and see things when we get round to doing this one please. I can collect it/send postage for it to be posted to us.
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