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  1. I think they are great, when I get mugged and it takes the ambulance longer to get to be because of staff cuts and the criminal more likely to get away also because of staff cuts, it is reassuring to know that because of these new bright lights I will be able to see if the mugger will have a knife or not
  2. does anyone think that the students should stop using the forum and do their OWN research? 1. no, the forum is good for them to use it means they can now spend all their nights drinking their budget on west street, then moaning that they cant afford food on what they get 2.maybe maybe not I dont know 3. probobly not, the more they study harder might make them better 4. NO, they should also cut the fake southern accent and stop using the city centre drop in NHS service for hangovers
  3. Im going to burn some st george's flags and poppy's with the immigrants
  4. the company "milk and more" are no worse then I am
  5. yesterday morning after reading the weather forecast I went down to a certain supermarket and purchased 30 loafs of bread at 60p each, abit of a risk but he who dares wins this morning to my delight I opened the curtains and saw that everywhere was white and a good few inches had fallen, so I grabbed all my bread going door to door and managed to flog them at £3 each within 2 hours!
  6. the buses are terrible when it is not snowing, so Im not even going to attempt to get one today
  7. I said tram workers, which also coverd tthe conductors which are also very friendly and never had a problem
  8. why do you have to state its a iphone 5? why could you not have just said best insurance for my mobile phone? unless a company only offers insurance on a iphone 5 of course!
  9. maybe they did all thoe things to you because you called them a numpty???
  10. but I am complaining about the bus driver that does 1/2 a job
  11. only VERY few bus drivers are pretty good, the rest are shocking in my opinion I often travel by bus and tram, the tram is miles better then the bus probobly for obvius reasons, but alot of the tram staff are ten times nicer then the bus drivers and they actually do their best to be on time!
  12. try getting on one where you have somewhere to be within a certain time, to then find out the reason why the bus is late is because the driver fancied an extra fag before he set off, you may then see why all the people at the bus stop are not applauding the bus drivers, infact I tell a lie yesterday an oap lady was applauding when the bus finally turned up nearly 20 minutes late bit I think it was abit sarcastic!
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