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  1. mrsJDS. Might be having problems replying to you. Hope to chat to you soon 'cos your contact is appreciated. Ta!
  2. Hey Shooter. I still have fond memories of my Alsation 'Sheba' but a couple of years later Our Lhasa 'Harvey' found us at just the right time. Totally different character so he hasn't replaced her... If you really want to lose weight tho' try chasing round in circles, trying to bite your bum!...Good luck!
  3. Hiya Mrs JDS I can't believe that your dog is ugly. Has he/she got a waggy tail? My pooch on the other hand is called Harvey and unlike the one on the advert our Harvey doesn't do ironing etc: He's like a teenage delinquent, leaves lights on and crumbs all over.Now he's got a garden he brings half the privet in with him! Don't you just love 'em!
  4. Thanks NettieJ I feel like a weight lifted off my shoulders...Feels like home 1st time in ages. Harvey the pooch seems quite happy too!
  5. Hi Good people of Grimesthorpe. I have to admit my nervousness at moving to an unfamiliar area was quite unfounded. I took the pooches for a walk this morning and all the people I encountered were so friendly. I think I'm going to be very happy living here. Thank you
  6. This excellent 4 part drama starring Dougray Scott was aired Jan/Feb 2011 I think. Did anyone record all 4 parts? I'm willing to pay for discs, videos If you can help.
  7. Thanks Nettie J for your reply. The next month is going to be hectic sorting through all the 'tat' I've collected over the years. It will be great to move in and chill for a bit. Getting stressed already and I've not even started to pack yet! Must remember to keep the bottle opener handy for when I arrive.
  8. Hi Thanks for reply.I was puzzled at first,couldn't remember seeing any shops...was so excited about moving. Then I recall, heading from Carlisle st towards the Meadowhell train station. Is that where you mean?
  9. Hi. I'm an imposter I'm afraid. 'cos I don't come from Grimesthorpe. Hoping to move there in a few weeks, so I gatecrashed! You seem a friendly, close knit lot.Do I need a passport tho'? suggestions please.
  10. My SYT days were cut short when I moved to Edale. Been back in Sheffield 5 years but not seen any ex members for donkeys years. Often wonder about some of them and what they're up to now.BBFN
  11. Wow! I never encountered any nudity or anything so exciting!...lucky you. I was enthusiastic but not talented I'm afraid. I really envied those who were. Not sure if I'm recalling the same ticking off but we had to stare into space and convince the audience(meg) that we were looking at an invisible person standing close up. Apparently most of us were crap at it and weren't concentrating...Huh???
  12. I played the teenager's dreadful sister,with the strippey socks! I remember the facilitator too though not his name. Didn't he have ginger hair and a gold tooth? I last saw Meg at the Crucible theatre around 1980. I worked there for a while but didn't admit to her that I only prepared the salads in the restaurant! It was good though because I got free tickets to all the productions. lol
  13. That's a shame Pixie, the other member there all those years ago were great characters and 34years on I still have great memories.
  14. I was a member of the SYT (1977 I think). We did a 'sketch' called 'Jesus Christ! What the F***ing Hell Is Going On Around Here?' We researched our environment at Hyde Park flats. The sketch featured the disfunctional experiences of a Bullied pregnant teenager and the title was taken from some graffitti from a toilet wall. We performed at the Merlin Theatre. Re the SYT reunion in June, I'm not able to attend the whole event and had hoped to drop in to see some familiar faces. However, the event seems to have a well organised itinary to involve the whole day. I'd be interested to hear from anyone to catch up on SYT memories
  15. I remember in the Caroline Cauldwell in the late 60's. She used to go to St Tim's Girl Guides. I have to chuckle because I remember now the Boxer dogs too!
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