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  1. Yeh, I'm the smart one with the correct 4 letter suffix after my name
  2. Hi All, A team I co-manage are looking for a couple more players for our Sunday 7-a-side team that play at pits. (attercliffe) Usually £4-£4.50 good passing side, with players that like to keep subs rolling. Message me/reply if your interested with your number and I'll be in touch Thanks
  3. £20 at start of season reg fee then £38.50 a week, unless you don't have a game (ie other team cancelled/playing unassigned team) then its £27.50 and you play a friendly
  4. Bashy my GK training partner is after a 11s team, if your still wanting a GK let me know and i'll pass over his details
  5. I've text'd 2 decent keepers I know. Waitin on em gettin back to me. Gutted bout 2mo
  6. @DoreOwl: I'm still playing 5-a-side I have my own team who play Mondays, and I play in a team on Thursdays. I'll be able to play for you once the Thursday league is over as I'd make the switch from Thursdays to Wednesdays. I much prefer goodwin over goals (and the pitches are loads better now they have been relayed). I may also be able to make a few appearances for you while the Thursday league is active. @vnb09: I'll be in touch shortly
  7. Hi all, I'm a GK who is wanting to try out 11-a-side again. I've been playing 5-a-side alot for the past 6 months, and would say I'm at a 'good' quality. I've had some 11-a-side training with a Sheffield Wednesday GK Coach recently too. I have my own car so travel isn't a problem. ideally want to play Saturday or Sunday in a league where the players arn't meatheads and you get on well and have a good game of football. If you have space, please get in touch with me via pm Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I have a footy match tomorrow on the eve of my dad's b'day who lost his life to cancer four years ago. Does anybody know where I could get a black armband from in sheffield? Cheers Anto
  9. If your thinking bout joining these lads but are unsure whether you should, let me tell you one thing. There a great set of lads that played my team in a Friendly last Sunday, and we all had good fun. I look forward to playing them in more friendlies in the near future, and hopefully they can get into the league, maybe even the league my teams in and we can play 2 competitive games
  10. I've played at: Goodwin, Goals, Concord & Pitts and personally think that Goals are best . . .
  11. Hi All, My team are still looking for 1 player to join up with our Monday Goals league team. We have a friendly tomorrow at 5pm, if you wanna tag along to that one drop me a PM asap and I'll get straight back to you with details Cheers Anto
  12. not had a text from you bud, could you call me on 0**** ****** thanks, or post me your number and i'll call you *number removed good game today Scott
  13. What Rich said, My team could do with an extra man to join the team, we regularly get 7 players to our matches and in 5 a side, that extra sub makes all the difference we've found in our experience @burnzy if you wanna pop along Monday that would be great. WE possibly have a friendly on Sunday around 5pm if you want to play then too see ya Monday Rich Anto
  14. Hi There, What skill level are you? My team have lost the goalie for 4 weeks to a broken finger and could do with a replacement. I'd be happy to give you a try We play on Mondays at goals, let me know if your interested Anto
  15. I'm interested, I've been 5-a-side goalie for a team recently and think i'd be able to make the step up to 11-a-side. Where abouts is it
  16. What kind of skill are you looking for?
  17. Still lookin for a player after the time waster above never turned up after agree to
  18. nice one, would you like to meet us at goals at 6:45? My team are having a quick warm up session before the kick off, I could introduce you to everybody. Could you PM me your Name/Number please , also if you drop me your email I can add you to our team
  19. great! could you tell me what position you play? are you able to make tomorrow?
  20. Hi All, My teams looking for 1 person to join our 5-a-side team, first game is Monday 20th (tomorrow) at 7:45, you woulndt have to be available for this one at such short notice but if you can be that owuld be mint. We play at Goals soccer center in Sheffield Cheers Anto
  21. Hi All, I've recently moved to Sheffield and have been looking around the internet for a squash partner to play with regularly. Does anybody fancy playing every now n then at the Goodwin Squash courts, its just £6 for 40m. £2 to hire a racquet (I have my own). I used to play every week for about 2 years but haven't really played much in the past couple years just wanna get back into it, and play it more regularly for a bit of fun Let me know Cheers Anto
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