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  1. Does anyone know of any good karaoke nights in sheffield tonight??? (near S14)
  2. wouldnt be going out of my way, i prefer doing things early when places are empty... i dont mind sliding £4 under the door just to feel better lol... or £2 seeing as i wont have flags or need to hire any clubs
  3. Thanks, however my question is if the hut is empty (i.e. before its open), im guessing its free to use just no flags or cant hire any equipment (hopefully)
  4. thanks for your reply's. seems unconfirmed, didnt see any signs up saying not to play when closed, will have a closer look next time. Before and after they open they flags are not in and you cant hire clubs, so maybe its free to use, but will have to make do without flags? (you dont need to pay to cycle through the park, so maybe its ok to use the golf course??) To be honest its only £4 to play, dont mind paying, just would rather go early when its quite or before work... would quite happily slide £4 under the door, but guessing i would be the only person to do that
  5. Hello, I know its about £4 to play golf and hire some clubs, but if i had my own and arived at 7am before it opens, is it free to use? Thank you
  6. Huge gamble that is, huge project, ebay does so much for its sellers too, api intergrations, account types, selling tools and would cost thousands to build and a lot of time. If you offer a free service you could get people selling on your site building up your content. Maybe if you start with a local auction site for example a sheffield auction site for locals only with some basic auction functions and see how that goes. If you are out going, confident and full of energy, you may be able to get something local going. I would have to agree with the others though, this is a very BIG project and very very challenging, I would say find a different project, but then it depends on you as a person, these ideas have to start from somewhere.
  7. could you not pop into a few schools and speak to the head, show what you want to speak about and how you want to help, they may be able to take you on or point you in the right direction. Good luck
  8. Depends on what you want, if you want to showcase your work then a nice bespoke designed website would be good, indizine above is correct and £400 I would say is a fair price. I say, you pay for what you get
  9. Didnt see anyone mention above, but how about Yahoo Answers, and other Answer sites, also, if you could have some engaging content on your site (link bait) something that people will want to link to. This way as you get traffic from people visiting your site from your answers and building up your reputation, some people may like the fact-sheets you have on your site relating to your business(for example) and in return link back. Also, having useful information on your site will help your search engine positions and again as people visit your site, find your useful information and link back to you To summarise: - Yahoo Answers (build up a reputation and be helpful) - Link Bait(something that people will want to link to) Hope this helps
  10. What type of business are you starting up, Andy mentioned all the places I knew of and would say they are very good places to go to. Businesslink came to our house and spoke with us about our options, or HSBC may print out fact-sheets for your line of business (other banks probably will be able to do the same) If you need any help getting online, then feel free to ask me any questions about websites and SEO
  11. Have you managed to sort this yet? What phone are you using, are you able to set your phones internet options to show the desktop version of a site (therefore showing the normal layout you would see form your pc). not sure if this helps, let me know a little more if not
  12. Hello Phanerothyme, I'm also seeing that same error on all pages... is this site actually live now?
  13. also, will your products be integrated with Google products, and have you considered integrating with eBay and Amazon using the same back end pages to retrieve your sales and print dispatch labels and picking lists etc...
  14. Before any site goes live its always best for the devleoper to draw up designs and layouts, we do this for all sites and bounce back and fourth ideas and suggestions until the client is totally happy with the look and feel of the design. That step is very important, as once a developer starts stripping any images down and putting the code together its not as easy to amend layouts and colours. After that stage, work should start on the rest of the pages, keeping in touch with the client thoughout... thus avoiding the problems you seem to be having above. Hope all goes well with this site in the end, keep us posted on progress here.
  15. ah, just read the last post on their, you really dont seem to be having much luck with developers. If you wanted to email your requirements over i would be more than happy to work out a cost for what you need or help find a solution
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