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  1. Hi I see all the pubs have gone now that is a shame they wear the wear everybody g
  2. Hi Hackey lad thank you for information did you work there if you did when Brian
  3. Hi did it close in the 1980s I have never heard of that company before I was told it went down like a lot of companys did due to recession I would like to know I was back in 2010 and saw lot places that had gone Brian
  4. thank you peter for the photos they were great I remember that yard so well I worked in the 22 dept there on maintenance I was a fitter there I left in 1974 to come to Canada it is a shame what happened to the company anyway thank you again Brian
  5. Hi Stpetre there was a pub at tinsley on Sheffield rd called the Fox a Duck I think it as gone now
  6. Hi do you remember the ferns they lived 39 Dundas rd I married there daughter Hazel
  7. Hi I remember Tempered Springs I Did work there warren street works and left there to come to Canada in 1974 Brian
  8. Hi torontony the Fox and Duck was on the corner of Ferrars RD and Sheffield RD Going towards Rotheram Brian
  9. Hi Torontony yes I remember the plumpers at Tinsley I did live in Tinsley I also went to another pub there called the Fox and Duck Brian
  10. Hi we are having the same problem in Hamilton ONT CANADA a lot of industrys went to Mexico are the states Hamilton lost a lot now one its steel makers is on the verge of going under or back to the states so things are not that rosy here I did work on Burlington ST in Hamilton in all plants that closed down in the 70s IO was a millright I am retired now Brian
  11. No Peter don't know them guys the nearest guys I new was my foreman and Engineer Brian
  12. Hi Peter yes I remember the pub don't know what it is now I spent a few hours in there when it was a pub it is sad no Tempered Springs at the back of it they made a lot types of coil springs its all gone now Brian
  13. Hi Peter R were right I remember that yard I sometimes worked in the building on the left and yes Norfolk bridge the old building on the left was called Burton Weir thatwas the maintenance workshops for warren st plants thank you for the photos Brian
  14. Hi Peter I worked at Tempered Springs at Warren ST before I came to Canada and there are gone I was told they went under in the 1980s Iwas back in 2010 and all that was left was the pub Brian
  15. Hi yes I remember some of it I left in 1974 to come to Canada with awife and 4 boyseven then the were going down hill Idid good I was a Millwright my boys when they left \ school they all went in the Navy and they have done very good 2 of them are waiting to retire so it was the best move I made Brian
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