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  1. Hi she is my family member did you magage to find her?
  2. Sale Amount. £0 Reason for Rehome / Sale. I can no longer give them the care they need due to financial difficulties. Time Scale – How Urgent? A.S.A.P Has the Cat ever been in Rescue. No Location. S8 Age & Sex. 2 years. Female. Vaccinated & Wormed. No Neutered & Micro chipped. No Breed/ Mix. 1 Tabby. 1Mix Colour/markings. Brown/black. Black/white Long/Shorthaired. Shorthaired. Live in / Or in and out. Lives inside. Used to a cat flap. No Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals. No. Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues. No Temperament. Good. OK with Dogs / Cats. Not sure. Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching. Yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching. Yes. Good or Bad with Children. Good. Dislike of Men or Women. None. Housetrained. Yes. Any further General Information you can share. I would like it if they could stay together as they have lived together from been kittens. _______
  3. No kier aren't the ones doing the work so ur wrong
  4. Thanks ms Mac Beth but I'v complained to all the right people and geared if you haven't got anything interesting to say then do one!
  5. It's not just the windows that's the issue if the work had been done to the proper standard and I hadn't been left like this it's all one big joke and something needs doing about it! I feel for the elderly that have to live like this! When the other contractors went on strike! The man what was running the job on my house and my neighbours house promised me it would be done to a great standard! 2 days later no demolition 2 weeks later still nothing a week later the man who made these promises walked off the job! And it's not the work men's fault it's the so called educated people that are not smart enough to make sure the work runs smoothly and the elderly and vulnerable people are not left to live in squalor
  6. What I mean is my windows are no good, I have contacted all relevant people and nothing has been done! Every home was allocated money to be spent on new windows,doors, etc so why all of a sudden are they just replacing the glass on the windows and patching the wooden frame up? Sadly it is a con as every home around the asda has new upvc windows and doors! My house was due to be signed over last week and is still halfway finished with no workmen in sight
  7. Has anyone had the same problems as me? My house was opened up on the 18th October! The demolition works men came in after the plasterer! All the tradesmen have been but not one job is finished meaning all the tradesmen have to come back! I had no cooker for 5 weeks, no cornice in cupboards they have left jobs they didn't want to do the tiler left the large windowsill as it wasn't level enough he got plaster boards instead! The best one of all the workman came with the dimond drill to drill a hole in my bathroom for the fan and put the hole where the council plans say and not the YGI plans so the plumber came and fitted the bath the wrong way meaning the the shower would be next to the electric fan and they told me it would be ok and the tiler tiled! Finally an inspector! Not one but four in the same week to do a snagging list they said the fan can't stop there so the dimond driller has been back out electrician has got to come back out and the tiler! Why not spin the bath around like it says on the plans? They gave me a lame excuse like people would see me in the shower! The council must have got money to burn and plenty of man power to have to do jobs twice! I could go on and on no work men have been for the last two weeks, I'v been no left in a mess, where's the management? No health and safety about either! And has anyone else been conned with there windows? They say mines timber sheffield pattern windows. Either the council got conned or I will let you come to your own conclusion!!! It also looks nice on propels outside round the new asda. The man who wrote an article 10 years ago feeling sorry for those last on the list saying they would end up with rusty old washers on Taps was right! Good luck to the people who are having there houses opened up!
  8. there was a car crash on yew lane near colley park i did not know about the mugging
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