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  1. My dad ( Arthur Nadin) worked for Eardleys possibly late 50s early 60s as a delivery driver, I remember going (illicitly) to US air bases delivering Pepsi with my dad. He also went around in a van servicing Pepsi vending machines, there was one in Matlock Bath by the cafe with the petrifying well also at the Heights of Abraham.
  2. Has anyone any memories of Thrifty on Pond Street did you work there ? Do you remember anyone that worked there in the early 70`s
  3. The changes to the SF items for sale section have been spoiled. No longer as good as it was
  4. I’ve known him for the best part of 60 years and didn’t know that he had a brother 😟I knew he had talked about moving down there for a long while. Good old uggy
  5. Hi.Has anyone had sight of Barry Gallon of Wordsworth Ave lately ? He told me some time ago that he was contemplating going to live in Wales and as I have not seen his little green van about recently I wondered if he had actually left Sheffield.
  6. My brother married Anne longmore who I think is probably the Longmore children’s aunt
  7. That’s weird. I was born at number 42 Chris Nadin
  8. Hi all. During my time at Meynell I was a member of the cross country team unfortunately I do not have any photographs of this time a I do you know that there was photographs taken whilst I was a member does anyone out there have one I could have a copy of. Thanks. Chris Nadin
  9. I used to knock around with Ray ---------- Post added 05-03-2018 at 17:46 ---------- I have a photo of Jean Wardlow with a colleague of the school in Essex where she went on to work. Also a member of staff from Meynell I think is mr Halliday but I’m not sure. Is there any way of posting pictures on here? ---------- Post added 05-03-2018 at 20:22 ---------- I mistakenly said in an earlier post that Jean Wardlow had died of breast cancer it in fact was pancreatic cancer. Apologies for my stupid mistake ---------- Post added 05-03-2018 at 22:38 ---------- Redted. Can you get back in touch
  10. Margaret Mitchell lived next door to us. Most of the names I remember. Billy Kenny was in group that practiced at Meynell youth club at the same time as I did with another group. All these other folk would have been in the year above me.
  11. Lynn Land lived 2 doors up from me on Meynell Rd indeed we went out together for a little while. So many names that I can recall but can`t seem to put a face to- 68 tomorrow and the brain is dissolving. I really hardly see anyone even though I still live quite local. From birth until now I have lived Palgrave rd, Wilcox Close, Meynell Rd and wolfe rd. before getting married and living in Southey Green. I have a pic of Lynn sat around a table in our house at a family meal somewhere
  12. I was there until it’s closure in 64 then on to Chaucer for final year. Barbara Smith was in my class. Chris Nadin
  13. Hi Doreen Mac. Unfortunately I was told this last year that Miss Wardlow had died (breast cancer) apparently she never married but was much loved by the staff and pupils at the school that she went to, somewhere down south I believe
  14. During his later years my husband researched several lines of family of which he encountered quite a few Surnames of the spouses side. The following names have a certain amount of information on his files, the files are of no interest to me but may be to anyone that is looking for clues to their family tree. Herring Lygo Linacre Speight Berryman Richard Pickering Cawthorne The above names are all connected to my husbands family in Sheffield. P.A.T
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