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  1. Thankyou I will give them a bell Tuesday
  2. Can anyone help..? I had new windows fitted by a builder, big mistake. Now i've been told 2 of the bay windows need taking out and realigning and putting back in. Cant ring the builder as we're not on speaking terms. And he wont answer my calls. Would anyone be interested in quoting me for this..?
  3. I was thinking surely the draught blows through the tiles a bit..?? A bloke down the road has it pvc cladded, it looks really good, and surely must make it a bit warmer... That's why I thought of not putting the tiles back on and having an alternative..? Bay windowed houses.... bbbrrr I feel your pain, I've got 3 of the bloody things
  4. Do you still do them..? Or would you be interested in quoting me for doing it..? I live in s6
  5. Hi, I wondered if anyone could help, I want to try and insulate my bay windows, but from the outside if possible..? As decorated last year and dont wanna start taking plaster boards off in the house. They are tiled, I was thinking I could maybe look at having them insulated then plastered up or pebble dashed or something..? Instead of putting the tiles back on..? Whichever would be most energy efficient
  6. Its been 4pm for a long time, a couple of years maybe..? Dont quote me on that but im sure its been that long.
  7. Hi, join our group on facebook, sheffield socialising. We'll be going out in a few weeks. ---------- Post added 18-02-2013 at 21:53 ---------- Hi, join our facebook group, sheffield socialising.
  8. Hi, I've just used a mortgage broker as my current deal came to an end. He doesn't charge a fee, he gets commission from the mortgage company. The rate he got me was lower than anything i'd seen, and believe me I spent hours trawling through the internet. It was also completely fee free, and in another 2 years no doubt he'll get me another good deal. I used this company when I moved house, and so have my parents, and can highly recommend him. Can PM details if u wish.
  9. well thats two of us turning up then Have u been 2 one b4..?
  10. Hi, im 36, female, I have friends but they're all tied down (kids/hubbies/blokes) etc and I just wanna go out and have some fun..! Been looking on a similar thread and theres a meet on Sunday 30th September, at the Devonshire cat at 7pm. Anyone up for it..?
  11. Hi, cant find the link/page on facebook, but would it be ok if I came along..? Sounds like fun..!
  12. OMG we saw this dog earlier running hell for leather down eccy road towards Psalter Lane..! By the time we turned the van round he'd vanished, n ive been thinkin bout it ever since..! Sooooo glad hes turned up..! :-)
  13. its 4 hours actually. If she read the signs she'd know that.
  14. And people use those bays to park in to go in the park as I have seen this happen many times.
  15. Sorry to disagree but it clearly states on the wall behind the desk in reception that you need a permit to park in the bay outside.
  16. Of course pubs are far more important... when u're drunk who cares..?
  17. I agree, a bit drastic but thats what I did, I put up with old man next door having his tv full blast day after day, then he died, they moved the family from hell in (it was a council house, mine was bought) you could hear word for word through the wall (not exaggerating) loud music, dog barking, shouting etc so I moved. And the street I'm on now is very quiet.
  18. Aww so sorry to hear about your bunny. I lost 3 last year. I found one just the same as yours, he was fine the day before then dead the next morning. He was only 4. I was devestated. Good luck, you seem to know what you're doing :-)
  19. The other wk the police were on the spare land at the side of the scrappers on Halifax Rd, they'd pulled loads of flat backs in with scrap on (scrap scrubbers I call them) I thought nice one, but how many of these vans would actually be registered, ie. none and with the amount they're making pinching other people's stuff, they'd just get their hands on another van if that one got seized.
  20. oops sorry i've only just read your thread properly..! U can get it cheaper anyway..! Duh silly me, sorry
  21. I borrowed my van from Burnt tree at Attercliffe, they were the cheapest, also they said they would do it even cheaper if I could do it all in the day and return van back the same day, I was struggling a little so rang them they said 'just bring the van back in the morning we will charge you just for one day' i'm not 100% cert but i'm sure it was 70 quid, that was a year ago.
  22. Does anyone in s6 area do Betterware, just want to order a one off item, and don't want people to start appearing every week with the book, as I feel guilty..! Looked at ordering on line but the item is only 4.99 and it's 4 quid delivery..! Have looked at various other places (wilkinsons, B&M, etc but no luck)
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