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  1. Has anyone been yet?? The Gin cocktails are amazing and the Owner Lee is very knowledgeable about Gin. Had a small educational lesson whilst there. Can highly recommend. Just wrap up warm!
  2. All we hear is dripping water on the fire plate above the wood burner. We had the cowl replaced last year so it shouldn't be just rain water coming in, but that is what it sounds like.
  3. Our chemney leaks every time it rains heavy. We have had a builder and roofer out over the last two years who have made various changes (or they told us they have), however its stil dripping and letting rain water in. Any ideas??
  4. Hi, I have had several letters from a company working on behalf of Miller Ross Development. They are asking if we want to buy the freehold on our house. It all seems legit, as I have previously paid them ground rent, of about £3. They are also asking for payment to be sent to Miller Ross Development so not worried that this third party is scamming us. What I would like to know is if anyone has successfully bought their freehold from Miller Ross Developments, and if so did it go smoothly?? Thanks
  5. Hi, Am looking to buy my other half a few golf lessons for christmas. He currently plays but would like some tips to improve his game. Could anyone recommend a golf trainer in Sheffield or Rotherham?? Thanks
  6. Hi, Needing a cowl fitted before the weather turns bad. Wood burning stove also needs work doing so if anyone could recommend someone??? Thanks
  7. Try the howard pub, under new management. Might not have cable TV but got free wi-fi so you could watch on an ipad?
  8. Is the Chesterfirld car boot on tomorrow?? Or does anyone know of any car boots tomorrow?? ---------- Post added 01-11-2014 at 21:09 ---------- Oldcotes, marsh lane, keepmoat n proact stadium r all on tomorrow, im off to the proact stadium!
  9. Hi, Could anyone recommend any where nice to go for breakfast in town, mid week. Was thinking somewhere nice like browns but they don't do one. Any ideas??
  10. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good reliable tradesman who you have used for damp proofing. Need a quote for some work asap.
  11. Hi, I currently play for a team on Wednesday nights at various venus inculding goals and hillsborough college. Due to injuries and pregnancies we are looking for players to join us. We are a friendly team, who play to keep fit and meet new people. So if your interested please contact me.
  12. I'm still looking for someone to come and quote me for the ally way doors if anyone is interested PM me!
  13. Its really good, not too many people there so can always do the workout you want. Also has all the right equipment, with other benefits like keeping track of your workout. It works for me cause I cant go in the day but thats the down side, you can only use it after school hours.
  14. Am thinking about joining the gym at Handsworth school, going to look around tomorrow and wondered if anyone uses it or has any comments??
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