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  1. Hello, I also have a half marathon ticket to get rid of. Send me an email if you're interested: louisawilloughby@gmail.com. Ta Louisa
  2. Hi all, Thanks to those of you who filled out the survey above. I am now pleased to inform you of the launch of our new reading groups website, timed to coincide with National Reading Group Day on Saturday 25th June. You can access our new website at: sheffield.gov.uk/readinggroups On this site you will be able to find a brand new ideas and information pack (which I have also attached), telling you everything you need to know about reading groups in Sheffield, along with reading suggestions and information about events and new reading groups we are looking to set up. If you completed the survey, you can also download a summary of the results at: sheffield.gov.uk/libraries/readingroom/readinggroups#survey. Many thanks, Louisa
  3. Hi all, Sheffield Libraries, Archives and Information is looking to develop its reading groups across the city over the next few months. To this end we have created a survey to find out more about the reading groups which already exist in the city and to ask how we could develop them further and help to establish new groups. It would be great if you would fill out the survey at the following link: consult.sheffield.gov.uk/KMS/elab.aspx?noip=1&CampaignId=370. It shouldn't take long to complete, and will really help us to get a better picture of reading group activity across the city. Please do pass the link on to friends and family members who live in Sheffield - it's a survey for everyone, whether they currently go to a reading group or not. The survey will be open until Wednesday 13th April. If you've any questions or further comments, do send me an email: louisa.willoughby@sheffield.gov.uk. With thanks, Louisa
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