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  1. Does anyone out there know of a place that repairs motor bike leathers?
  2. It's human nature. Like previous posts have said on this thread, it could be a friend or family member. I worked as a road safety officer and to be honest welcomed threads like that. If that one thread made people think then that made my job a lot easier.
  3. Found out mate. Thanks for the reply. He is a good mate of mine. gutted.
  4. Any one know why the garage is sealed off?
  5. Car crash on one of the St roads. The helli landed in the Deepcar junior school field. Something was on the BBC news.
  6. Did any see the old RAF plane that flew over North Sheffield today?. If so, what type was it?
  7. Phoned yesterday to tell them our road at Deepcar was sheet ice. All the pavements were the same too. The bloke told me that they are only doing A&B roads. I said they were all clear and why not do some side roads. Our road does have a school on it and kids could not even get to the gates for black ice. He said they wouldn't grit. I told him of a woman who had fallen on a un-gritted road and split her head open. Also mentioned that due to todays culture, she would no doubt put a claim in. Still not interested. Poor standards by the city council
  8. CJ signs at killermarsh. did our road safety car. good price and excellent job.
  9. Does anyone know of a mobile tattoo artist who will do visits in Sheffield?.
  10. I use cars 2 Hyundai in Barnsley. First went to Eric Steads to buy a new IX35 and the old duffer of a sales man told me that he couldn't look in the tinter web because it was closed on a weekend. What a nob. Spent £21,000 at cars 2 instead, Pardon the punn. Eric steads went down with the ARC. Better selling Mobility scooters.
  11. Look on the arqadia website or D+JMSimons web site. My mate pete at cupola gallery in Hillsborugh stocks a good selection.
  12. Niagra is very good. Maybe we could bring our F1 simulator along. http://www.f1driver.com/
  13. The Castle at Bolsterstone. Good beer and food.
  14. c j signs at killamarsh. just done a fantastic job on our car http://www.facebook/driveithome
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