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  1. What upsets him so much about Pontefract that he feels the need to shoot at it?
  2. What would be the point in shooting a field? Is it for people who like easy targets?
  3. They do pay a good allowance, but there is a ceiling to it. I did not lose anything because my employer made my salary up, but then, I was on a good salary. If you are on a low salary you could be better off.
  4. I did jury duty at Sheffield crown court in 2007. The case involved two shootings by different people with the same gun. I found it fascinating. It opened up my eyes to the reality of life in certain parts of sheffield.
  5. The cynics are right 9 times out of ten. I strongly suspect that this is not the tenth time.
  6. Not if the door has one of those strong springs on it.
  7. My own pet hate about bad manners is people who push in front of you, especially at the bar in a pub. They know that you was first but still get served before you if they get half a chance!:rant:
  8. It is even worse if the door is on a very strong spring and they time it right so that it splatters you right in the nose!
  9. If this is some sort of riddle just come out and say so!
  10. I am not old, but I am not young either. I am an inbetweener! I was brought up to believe that we should have manners and respect each other. I now sometimes feel that people do not have self respect and so cannot respect others. Please tell me that I am wrong!
  11. Smokers really are discriminated against today. It is almost considered to be more acceptable to be foreign than to smoke.
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