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  1. Can anyone help!! I am trying to find Brian And Barbara Whitfield. I know they lived in Dronfield and Brian had three sisters when they lived on Lowedges Road Betty Audrey and Lesley. Audrey went to Australia but I think she came back to Sheffield. Any help would be grateful Thanks Stewart
  2. As a kid my mam used to send me to the old Wordsworth Tavern every Sunday while she was cooking the dinner. I was sent with a empty Tizer bottle to get her a pint of dinner ale whatever that was from the off sales, and she drank it while she was doing the dinner waiting for dad from the Beagle.
  3. Hello Laurdys How do I get to see the photograph thanks for the reply ---------- Post added 01-04-2018 at 16:24 ---------- Hello Just thought I would reply mainly to SORRYCOLLY. I little unfair on me, me being Stewart Crapper Harry Crapper was my oldest brother. When I played for colley y s I was only 16 years old and I was playing against mature men I think I held my own when I played for Colley. I don't know who you are so I cant give and credence to your unkind remarks against me. Well I went on to be on Wednesdays books train with the youth team for Sheff Wed for 2 years. Unfortunely I wasn't good enough and I had one eye on the ladies and the other on a beer glass. I played until I was 55 years old in the local leagues to a decent level but I had to have a hip operation so the end of my football days. Do you remember these Colley players. []ALF HOWFORD, PETE HERRIN, DAVE BRIGGS, BRIAN SHARPE, LIAM GRAYSON, WAM/ WAGSTAFFE, BRIAN FLETCHER, GEORGE GLAVES, []That's about all I can remember at kid might fill in some gaps. Stewart
  4. I moved to Lincolnshire 10 years ago after years of trying to talk the wife into it. I used to go on the Witham regular and had some good fishing. Not now though the Fossdyke is Crystal clear in the summer and the weed growth is terrible, the water is too clear in the Witham too. The banks along the river Witham are not cut back and its mostly unfishable, commerants are rife as well. The other morning I saw a flock of 19 commerants flying over our house toward the toward the Trent, I always thought they were loners still we keep trying and hope and pray that it comes back as it used to be.
  5. I remember Jimmy Crawford playing in the very early sixties at would you believe Eccles field Park Bandstand it was early evening and all for free. He was great. The flip side of I love how you love me was a song called Our Last Embrace which I thought was better than the A side his vocals were fantastic even though he had a large amount of echo on the record, I still play his songs today I wish he was still on the circuit.
  6. Does anyone know of or remember of the Wood family they lived at 72 Margetson Crescent Parson Cross just across the road from the Wordsworth Tavern. The family consisted of Frank (father) Irene(mother) Jaqueline (daughter RIP) Jennifer(daughter) and Stephen(son) Many Thanks
  7. Can anyone remember Brown the Mutton King butchers. They were at the top of Bamforth Street in Hillsborough where people used to queue brown Bamforth street on a Saturday morning. This would be in the late fifties to the end of sixties.
  8. Does anyone know of a William Hartley nickname Titch he lived down Rudyard and moved to Pollard Crescent near the Forty Foot pub he is getting on a bit now but would love to see him again if he's still around.
  9. Does anyone know of a Rover 75 Specialist I've recently bought a diesel version and it would be very useful for me to know of someone who knows his stuff with this car.
  10. Chuck Fowler , Valtino, Carls Fables and New Formula all brilliant.
  11. The bankers got bailed out no messing, where's the bailout for our steel workers it makes me bitter after the steel industry killed my dad the government has shafted the steel workers again, if you get dirty at work the politicians don't give a toss
  12. Wordsworth Tavern not the one that stands there now but the flat roofed prefabricated grey coloured one that was flattened I think in the late sixties. As I youngster every Sunday I was always sent by my mam to the tavern off sales with a Tizer bottle to get her a pint of Dinner Ale whatever that is. They used to have a big brass or copper funnel to pour the pint into the bottle, and mam used to drink it while cooking the Sunday Dinner "Dad was usually in the Beagle" until the clock struck 2pm and then dads Yorkshire pub was on the plate waiting for him. Christ I wish my missis would do that for me.
  13. German, Korean Indian, Japanese Cars, Chinese steel manufacturing and Power Stations, French Electricity, Belgian Carpets and Textiles, Bulgarian Dentists, No fish in our Seas, Pubs closing every day I don't have your intellect gmarshman but I am with you all the way.
  14. I was born at no 16 in a a six house terrace and i have early memories of the Robinsons they lived at no 22. They moved out and the Plant family moved in. 12 Steers 14 Stokes 16 Crappers 18 Fowlers/ Leeks 20 Broomheads and 22 Robinsons/ Plants.
  15. Can anyone remember the name of the Barbers shop on Buchannan Road Parson Cross and any others nearby in the 50s /60s
  16. No connection with the motor trade, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters we all grew up on Remington and none of us went into the car trade, thanks for the reply
  17. I was born in the front bedroom of Remington Road Parson Cross. Mam and Dad moved in when the house when it was newly built after the war. I would love to hear from anybody who has any memories of the road and surrounding roads?, our family name was Crapper
  18. Thank you very much for the replies this will help me so much as Allerton Road sounds good as I think his sister once mentioned this.
  19. I know this is a long shot but, is there anybody out there who can put me in touch with a very old friend. His name is David Darby I grew up with him he lived on Dugdale Road Parson Cross and went to School at Yew Lane. I lost touch with him in the 70s and I believe he now lives in Preston. Any info would be great He had some brothers and a sister called Diane. I don't do this face book thing but could that help me, Thanks for Reading this post.
  20. Thanks for the post Arnie my dad grew up on Rudyard he lived at no 21 and the family name was Crapper. My dad was Harry Crapper and he was born in 1917 and he worked as a roller at Wardsend steelworks for many years. His was a large family i think it was ten children in all. Did you know my dad i would love to hear from anyone who knew him. ---------- Post added 27-01-2015 at 17:21 ---------- Sorry my dad lived at 21 Tresswell Cres not Rudyard.
  21. The pitch at the site of Middlewood Hospital it was a fatastic pitch with superb facilities, I played and captained the Middlewood side for many years in the South Yorkshire League and it was a superb pitch to play on. There was even a club with large windows and a bar with a varander on the side of the pitch and the bar used to open on Saturday lunchtime where people used to come and watch the games with a pint, great days i wish i was still there it was a very happy time for me in the 70s. The pitch has now gone to a housing estate.
  22. I Saw a fantastic performance at the Shades from one of the original motown stars Marv Johnson. He was as good as any motown artiste I ever saw with the possible exception of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. Marv has passed on now bless him.
  23. Thanks for your replies I didn't realise that it is now a shop. I think it was built around 1966 but I cannot be sure. It was a terrific facility at the time the reference section was my favourite and of course the wildlife books which I would never have seen if the Library hadn't been built.
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