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  1. Thats a shame, i would've loved them I'll try the FB site, yup have been looking for cheap deals everytime i go pass a garden centre/nursery πŸ˜‰
  2. Has anyone got ant berry/current plants / canes they can part with? Rasperberries, Gooseberries, Honeyberries, Josta berries , white and red currants, blueberries, Saskatoon berries and cranberries. Any berries/currents?!? 😊 I can happily collect if in Sheffield or Nr by and I can also dig!!!
  3. Crown green bowling sounds like fun... Any newbie classes starting up soon?
  4. You running classes in this? Or you just time wasting?
  5. I'm not normally a "team playing" sporty person... However, I'm wanting to get out more, meet new people and break up the mundane day to day life. Any groups/teams/classes looking for new people? Happy to give most sports a go. Happy to even give a dancing or exercise class a go. Any ideas?
  6. Yes no probs. Drop me a PM and we can arrange something for this Monday?
  7. Hi, Too many! Lol. I'm guessing... 20? Maybe even 30?? I can drop off if you are local?
  8. Still have these. They are all plastic sturdy bags; 15-20kg empty feed bags. Can be used for a variety of things, just a shame to chuck them Any allotments or perhaps anyone wanting a study bag for collection of horse manure? Can deliver if local (Rotherham/Sheffield/Barnlsey etc). Otherwise happy for collection
  9. I have a few 15kg and 20kg plastic (empty) feed bags for anyone that has any use for them... Fill up with garden waste? To collect manure in? For shovelling dirt into? Collection preferred; I'm Rotherham S60 based (just off M1) but can drop off if you are nearby (ie Sheffield/Barnsley are).
  10. Hey, Excuse the slow reply... Anyone free to climb tomorrow (Thursday) at AW?
  11. Looking for another person to hack out my 2nd horse with me.... Pref over 18 only, competent rider, and light/medium weight. Both horses are hacked out weekly, although on their own usually, as I don't currently have anyone to hack out with Based S63 area, but could potentially pick up/drop off if on route from where I'm based. No money wanted, just help in return with yard jobs (ie poo picking paddock, cleaning water trough etc) Please message me for further details.
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