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  1. It is his house and he is in control. He may be getting older and more frail so it is up to him to make the plans for the future. It looks like he could do with some support but it looks like the family don't want to communicate with him because of his controlling nature.
  2. What those lads have gone through as young lads, whether royal or not, was awful. Now they are acting independently, you would expect them to show how they have developed in the face of everything.
  3. I use Pinders still for its pewter products, loads of firms have moved to new premises but it is still the original works inside. Should be good for a 1940's industrial movie scene.
  4. If I was talking any further South i would be talking about Chesterfield, I know what you mean about compulsory purchase which is a short term and expensive solution. I am talking long term so all that is required is the land that falls into the project cannot be used for any other purposes until the occupants move or die which could be many decades but its there.
  5. I would be more likely to tax businesses for every car driver that has a start time of 9am and a finish time of 5pm of £1 per employee per day and 50p per employee that stars at 8.30am and finishes at 4.30pm The A57 should be turned West to go straight through the middle of Birley Wood golf course to the junction of Chesterfield Road A61 with Meadowhead and go South of Beauchief acroos Ringinglow before joining up to the A57 after the Rivelin junction. football trophies football medals
  6. If and when you do decide to get an e-bike it is worth considering where you are going to park it as they are hot targets for bike thieves. It is best to remove it from public view altogether and bring it inside a building. Well done for looking at alternative transport options.
  7. I know this report is ten years old but pollution in Sheffield is responsible for over 500 premature deaths per year. https://www.envirotech-online.com/news/air-monitoring/6/breaking-news/poor-air-quality-in-sheffield-results-in-500-deaths-every-year/12103 I personally do not think that the roads have improved since then and only got worse and more congested. How many more lives have been shortened because of recent road works.
  8. All well meaning groups eventually have sinister individuals who want to take advantage of them. You often hear in the news their background from which they were part of like teacher, social worker, policeman, soldier which demeans the whole group.
  9. Fat people get even fatter when people around them help their habit by feeding them. You must have been thinking about this for some time before asking publicly for others peoples opinions and experiences. Some people can be helped but some people cannot, they are on course for self destruction and without thought for those around them. It is very sad to watch someone you love fall apart so cut the ties and remember them as the loving person you remember.
  10. The whole of Sheffield's road network is set up restrict or stop as you get closer to the centre with rail bridges, towns, other roads & rivers as natural restrictions. two lanes become one and then you hit the traffic lights. Not one area in Sheffield has a road in or out that you can get from one side of the city to the other without a junction that stops you. No ring road, no fly over, no underpass. It has all been made flat and that costs time, money and has raised pollution levels to there highest ever. Cycling is dangerous because car drivers that have never cycled don't have a clue what its like for cyclists on the roads and drive too closely. I would like to see cycling on the road as part of the driving test.
  11. To me this election is all about Brexit. It is a big mess and needs to be taken care of first and foremost. A couple of labour vultures were at the polling station and like the picture above not even worth spitting at. They could have done a lot for the area but instead its gone to the dogs and that's being polite.
  12. My experience is that motoring offences are very low on the list of priorities. It seems someone has been a naughty motorist and has thrown their teddy in the corner.
  13. These are not victimless crimes. These fraudsters are tricking people out of millions and some losing their entire savings and pensions. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-6712011/Want-foil-scammers-say-internet-cut-Dont-press-1.html
  14. What ever we do or think now will take years in planning for the ideas and plans to work. Some day all car drivers will have to surrender their licence and what will they do then? It is worth thinking about and doing something about it now so when you do retire or have health problems there is a fit for purpose bus service to be used. When I used to drive in the early morning and mid afternoon with the flow of work traffic it wasn't a flowing journey because everyone else is doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. Pollution levels are up and it wont be long before authorities have got targets and that will means cutting crowded roads by drastic means.
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