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  1. It's been closed a couple of months. A notice was directing enquiries to the Holme lane branch , building up for let/ possible sale
  2. RE the Hilsboro tree penguins , they are almost a extinct species since Alcoblog became tee total !!!!
  3. Hi , Arthur Lees address was Truebright Works Fife Street Wincobank S9 ??? Now totally demolished I worked there for 21 years in the Bright Bar dept
  4. Thanks, I thought it was there but nothing came up on google . I used the shakey back in the early 70s and it sounds like time for a re visit
  5. Can you tell me where place is , Thnks ---------- Post added 03-03-2017 at 15:43 ---------- Can you tell me where place is , Thanks
  6. From Barnsley Rd main entrance go past reception take lift up one floor to D level turn left out of lift then left again along link corridor and Vickers 1 is almost facing you. From Herries road entrance go past coffee shop turn right and go through Intensive care automatic doors turn left go 15 yards and Vickers 1 is on your left Good luck
  7. I worked there fo 4 years and parked on Hucklow just before the school and had no problem with the residents because (A) I parked correctly (B) I paid my road tax . Has for obstructing the street cleaners if the local community didn't leave 3 piece suites , beds etc on the pavements every week the cleaners services could be used elsewhere over
  8. Thanks for that Audilad, I've looked and saved link to keep an eye out for more details
  9. Thanks again Brikie1 , will keep those contacts in case I miss paper again
  10. Cheers for that Brickie 1 , but my problem is that a friend told me at the weekend that he had seen that me and my son had qualified via a local club match in the Star newspaper but had since thrown it away so I don't know how to register my interest . I have been to my local news agent and asked if they have any copies of last weeks Star but unfortunately they had sent them back . Thanks
  11. Hi does anyone know how to get list of club man championships qaulifers and how to register, it was in the Star this week but I missed it Cheers
  12. He did visit Page Hall , because he thought DFS had a sale on but it was just all the furniture that was dumped on the street corners :rant:
  13. Just a quick shout out to Crosspool Jnr FC , Today I was in the Macmillan Palliative care unit at the Northern General Hospital and I saw a poster advertising that players and squad members would be volunteering to paint the fencing round the outside relaxation area of that department , possibly this weekend . At a time when today's youth attract a fair amount of bad publicity I think efforts like this should be openly praised . Thanks to all guys and gals involved
  14. Cheers for that , I will try again later
  15. Hi , anyone help me transfer my pictures from S4 mini to iPhone 5c . I've googled it and tried all suggestions with no joy and getting frustrated :
  16. I met my wife there in 1971 and yes we are still together. The perfect dance floor clearer was Maurice Naylor and the Big N sound
  17. Both were my locals, 1969 to 1974 names that come to mind Joe Dempsy ,Pat Deakin, Ken Wright , Gudge, Dave Biddles,. Big Cyril the committee man at the WMC
  18. Why not let them get on with it while you go to WETHERSPOONS
  19. Come off it Ivan Spatula, don't you know it's a cultural thing to stack any litter from a pizza box to a three piece suite on the corner of Hucklow Road . But don't worry we are regularly being told that we must integrate so I may be contributing later today by leaving the full contents of 5 bedded house clearance. Under starters orders GO ?????????
  20. Lloyds favourite saying is " sorry there is a manufacturing fault "!! This happened to me four times last year but the items were available at other chemists locally
  21. Perhaps the Chapletown ( West Yorkshire) is the one in Leeds not Sheffield
  22. Passed Wooley Wood bottom today and it's been closed the full length,does anyone know why ?
  23. Forget all the negative comments, park in the interchange car park for free this is accessed from Barrow Road just opposite the Travelodge . I have parked there and travelled by train to Manchester and returned 18 hours later and no problems
  24. I don't know how perfect the IAAA are but when the chairman gave his speech yesterday did he realise his name card gave his title as CHAIMAN was it just a spelling mistake or the name of some Far East sponsor??
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