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  1. Hi, I have since found out that Oasis and More then and Legal and General offer insurance to non UK residents. Linda thanks for your suggestion, I have tried to contact Ageas, they only deal with brokers not with customers directly.
  2. Hi, has anyone been in this situation and can advise us? We are moving abroad and letting our house in Sheffield. We have already tried a number of insurance companies to get a building and contents insurance for our let property but all have come back saying they wouldn't insure us as we are not residents of the Uk (in fact, at the moment we still are) - has anyone got any advice or knows of insurance companies who do not operate according to this policy? Surely we are not the only ones who don't live in the UK and yet have a rental property here. Many thanks!
  3. Thanks for comments and pms, it looks like we are going for the DIY option
  4. Hi, I am wanting to rent out a house and unfortunately the company who is finding the tenant has decided not to do the fully managed service anymore. Can anyone recommend an estate agent who offers a fully managed service at reasonable rates and has had good experiences with them? I am aware there are agencies who don't bother doing a midterm check and really take money for not doing a great deal at all, which sounds frustrating and is really not what I would want from a managed service. Recommendations, advice and quotes would be welcome - thank you.
  5. Can anyone tell me how well frequented the Tesco Car Boot sale is? I am wondering whether it is worthwhile to put up a stall, but have the impression it has kind of shrunk over time (saying so, I have only been twice quite a while ago)
  6. Hi, has anyone been to the carboot sale at Tesco on Infirmary Road. There is one coming up on 16th June, I think they are quite frequent, and I am just wondering how busy they get and whether it will be worthwhile to set up a stall the, has anyone got any experience they could share? Thanks!
  7. Hi Tinfoilhat, thanks for your reply and helpful suggestion! In the meantime I have found a company who offers the sort of van hire we were looking for, http://www.nationwidehireuk.co.uk/ in case this is useful to someone else
  8. Hi can someone please advise, we are getting pretty desperate as not getting anywhere. We need to hire a van that can take 4 people and about 20 banana boxes abroad (Europe) for use in about 2 weeks for a weekend only and we struggle as either we can only hire a 3 seater van to take abroad or you the companies will only hire for use in mainland UK - has anybody got any ideas-experience?? Many thanks!
  9. Hi, thanks for your reply skinz, yes, you need to leave the country somewhere, and Hull sounds good because you don't have to go far from here, but overnight ferries are generally so much more expensive and i guess the larger the vehicule the more expensive it will be. will look into Euro car, thanks for the info!
  10. Hi, can anyone give me some advice: we are wanting to go to Bruxelles with 4 people and some boxes and items and I am pondering how to best go about it. Can anyone suggest a van hire company that provides vehicles with more than 3 seats? can you take a hire care abroad within EU? Has someone got an idea what route would be best? Which ferry, or eurostar etc. Thanks for any information you can contribute!
  11. Thanks plain talker We have made contact with the Muslim Welfare House and got some information and support. In terms of there being no funds for the funeral we are still looking to find the least costly option. It seems like prices differ a lot, both for the cost of funeral directors and the plot. Any more suggestions - advice would be much appreciated
  12. Has some got any advice for us please on funeral directors who have experience with muslim funerals and charge as little as possible. We are trying to support a friend of ours whose husband has died very suddenly and would be grateful for some advice. I have looked through some posts here on SF already and found some information referring to funerals in general and advice on shopping around, which we will do tomorrow. In the meantime, if you can think of something that can help us please post a reply or pm me. Please respect that this is a distressing situation and be so kind not to post any inappropriate replies. Thank you
  13. Thanks, that is really helpful. I will contact Pickfords and Specialised Movers and get quotes from them. Thanks too for the info on No Sunday/Bank Holiday moving, Sproutbum - oh dear, that is something I find rather scary! I will check out whether this is still the case.
  14. Hi, I wondered whether anyone knows about or has used an removal company that operates internationally and charges decent rates? We are planning to move from Sheffield to the North of Gemany and while I have heard people talking about companies that organise their trips so that they take stuff back from abroad on the same trip I don't really know how to go about finding them. Any recommendations, advice and ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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