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  1. Hi I am currently building my wesbite using 1 and 1 web builder and having massive problems adding pictures to the website. I am trying to resize the using websites and nothing is working. Please can someone advise? Thanks in advance
  2. I have space, s5 postcode. Cheap rates and all inclusive pm me for more details
  3. I have treatment /therapy room for hire, S5 post code. Price depending on hours required etc. Flexible terms All inclusive rate available PM me for details
  4. Hello I am seeking a treatment room to rent on an hourly / half daily basis in Rotherham / Doncaster / Sheffield to use a consulting room for my Physiotherapy business. Please can you message me or reply to this thread if you have premesis or if you know of someone who does Thanks in advance
  5. Please can you forward me your email and il send all info and pics as its easier to do it that way. Many thanks
  6. Hi there, I have a clinic room in S5 post code (near ecclesfield) if this would uit you. Good size and well presented. Parking is available and wheelchair access is available. Please let me know if this is of intrest and i'll send you prices etc Many thanks
  7. Hello, I run a Physiotherapy business and am currently exploring the option of sponsoring a local football team from the coming season. If there are any clubs interested please pm me with what would be required etc. Many thanks
  8. Killamarsh Leisure Centre has a good and improving squash league! Worth a look, depending on where you live
  9. Looking for a couple of friendlies before new season as we're a new team joining the league. We play out of Killamarsh Please pm with details / availability Many thanks
  10. Rapid Recover Ltd very reasonable. £25 for initial assessment and £20 per treatment 07725623713
  11. hello i am looking for someonw to come round to my house is eckington to give me a price and repair a tile on the roof and also 2 parts (joins) in the guttering. Best time for me is Thurs afternoon if anyone is available Thanks
  12. Struggling with SPSS interpretation and data inputting and would like help if possible. **If anyone has SPSS and would be willing to input the data and send me it back via email that would be amazing!!** I am trying to do a one way repeated measures ANOVA. Please help Many thanks
  13. I have 10 white candleabras for hire, they stand 30cm high (so wont obstruct people across the table) and are white. I have pictures if you require. Cost is £25 each for HIRE. PM me for details. Many thanks
  14. Eckington area. Possibly full time mon-fri 8-5? Starting July 7 month girl If this is something you could manage please pm me with details. Many thanks
  15. Wanted: Nursery either close to Eckington or Darnall. Recommendations and prices would be brilliant. Many thanks
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