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  1. Wondered how long it would take for someone to be negative. "cleaned daily" is not the same as putting in your heart and soul.
  2. Thanks jaffa, I think I''l get a copy then....
  3. Hi, I found out that my great uncle was sent home from WW1 (Italy) due to serious illness after almost 4 years service. He was in Winter St hospital but his discharge date is 9 days before his death date. I'm trying to find out where he was in those few days between discharge and him passing away. If I order a death certificate, would it say where he died exactly, i.e. his home address or just say"Sheffield"? It's important to me to know that he wasn't sent back to the front and spent time with his family at least - he was the same age as my son, just a boy..... Thanks Duckegg
  4. I have seen that co-op guy being dropped off by a 4x4 in the morning. I also saw a kind pensioner hand him a cereal bar. He just grunted and stuffed it in his pocket. Not that hungry then.
  5. I heard that the agreement to be able to use weekly passes on both Stagecoach and First (52 and 120) is stopping too? Friend saw a poster somewhere but I can't see anything or on internet.... Duckegg
  6. Hi has anyone seen a 52 on Crooked today please? SY travel website keeps crashing .... ---------- Post added 01-03-2018 at 07:09 ---------- Crookes! Damn phone
  7. Hi-Just bumping this up as didn't get any replies and upstairs tap now is affected too. Do I need someone to look at it or is it an easy thing please? Thank you
  8. Hi We have a Baxi combi. Just recently the hot water tap in the kitchen doesn't fire up the boiler (occasionally it does). The central heating works fine and upstairs tap still gets hot. The water flow from the kitchen tap seems ok, not slow or anything. Hopefully it's something simple? Thanks Duckegg
  9. Hi Cloudsailors I just wanted to say what an honest and brave post yours is. It’s so very well written and made me stop and think. I don’t think your post is negative at all - it’s truthful and says a lot about the person you are. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2018! Duckegg
  10. Well, I finally decided on Rich Tone - Yamaha Pacifica. Has good reviews, good price and matches my living room rug..... Rich Tone were very helpful. Thanks everyone
  11. That's a relief! It's nice not to have to wait in the cold for one operator or another on the same route
  12. Thanks Ghozer - the idea was on the 52 and 120 there was a special agreement where you could use your pass (for £13) on both company's services. Since the new machines are in use, if there's no paper counterpart, you can't prove to the drivers that the card is valid if it doesn't work on the machine. At the moment stagecoach still issue paper receipts but First don't. The travelmaster one is much more expensive, especially if you only use the 52/52a
  13. Please can somebody (Andy C?) clarify how the new smartcards work on the routes where you can use both bus companies with one pass like the 52 and 52a? My Stagecoach smartcard doesn't work on the posh new machines on First despite wasting 50p on a new one in case they had upgraded them. I'm constantly asked by the First drivers to try out the card but it NEVER works. I normally present the paper counterpart issued by Stagecoach as proof of purchase. So, what happens if stagecoach phase out the paper counterpart as I've heard? If I buy a First smartcard instead, apparently they don't work on Stagecoach either and there's no paper counterpart so how will that work? Does this all mean that the option of using both services on the special routes is stopping? So confused :{ Cheers Duckegg
  14. Hi Thanks for all your replies. Think it will have to be electric though - he won't budge on this. I'm hoping for something under 200 - think he will manage weight, neck etc - he's 20
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