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  1. Join us every Friday at 10 am for Dru YOGA classes at hagglers corner on 586 queens road s2! £8 pp Check out our event on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/824277617715109/?ti=icl
  2. hi I am a german tutor, please get in touch if you are still looking for a teacher Liz 07809142970
  3. Hi my name is Filiz and I am a grivate Turkish tutor! please call 07809142970 thans
  4. Mod Note: Please list your services on the Business Directory under the Training and Education section. Closing.
  5. is there anyone out there wanting to start a book club? preferably s2 or s8 area
  6. seen the same thing, it seems to be closed sown by police and noticed more police cars in front of earl pub, also wondering
  7. thanks everyone, just read a thread about Stockbridge being not very friendly though, made me think twice to be honest I am turkish and had some bad experiences in small unfriendly towns before, so wondering if it would be a bad move? or are there any other towns close to the school that I would feel more comfortable???
  8. Stocksbridge School, as I do not like the school hes been allocated..could anyone give me any advise pls?????
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