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  1. i know you are corker - i am used to it from you lot up there!. Just seen the comedy stuff on line, sounds like what we maybe looking for. Will put that one on the list too - cheers
  2. madasafish and gwyneth - just checking out those picnics - sounds like a great day / evening out - theres another one for the list of possibilities!. Thanks.
  3. thanks Gwyneth, think we have been there, nice though.
  4. corker - i take it the shandys would be for the southerners! lol Not sure where yet, just checking a few places out but also thought I would grab a bit of the local knowledge rather than relying on google!
  5. thanks stonecircle, links look good, will check them out.
  6. ski village sounds better than the bankers draft and Bingo!, cheers! Birthday is August
  7. Hi Sheffield I am London based and am trying to find somewhere we can take my mother-in-law out for her 70th birthday in Sheffield this year. When I say 70, she is a young and fun 70 year old. We will have a party of around 20 and looking for a meal and something different and fun. Looking forward to some good ideas! Thanks in advance!!
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