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  1. Can anyone recommend any builders for a single rear and side extension? We have had plans drawn up and we live in S25 area. Tried Whitecliffes but they are fully booked up. Hopefully someone that only takes on one project at a time. Many thanks Sarah
  2. We have moved into a property in North Anston S25. We are looking for someone to measure and fit some new kitchen doors to replace the old ones we have to give it a bit of a facelift. I don't want a whole new kitchen as the carcasses are fine and I don't want to change where anything is. Also will need new work tops. Will also need pelmets replacing and the boiler hiding. Hoping that someone can point me in the direction of someone they can recommend that can do a great job and has plenty of choice.
  3. Does anyone know of any table tennis clubs for my my son? He's 11 and wants to join a team but I can't seem to find anywhere. We live in Swallownest so ideally as local as possible. Many thanks
  4. Hi guys Can anyone recommend anyone that will come and look at my built in dishwasher.It's not draining so cycle starts then stops after a few minutes. It's definitely not blocked as my husband runs a drainage company so he's checked all the pipes etc. Not sure if it's cheaper to just buy another. Hoping someone my give me a free quote so I know what to do? Also looking at having a hard wired cooker installed as ours is currently a plug in one. Also we have a bathroom that's already plastered. Need a cheap re tile and bathroom suite to finish it off for renting. We are getting our property ready to rent so need odd jobs doing Many thanks
  5. Yes I'll PM you and no I didn't realise about the stamp duty
  6. Can anyone recommend a mortgage adviser that can help us obtain a mortgage? We are currently running a limited company on our fourth year with previous two years accounts third year just finished in Jan but hasn't been submitted yet. We pay ourselves a regular weekly wage with dividends. Plus I work part time at a school. We wanted to keep our current property which has 45k left on the mortgage of 12 year term to let out.we want to take 30k out to put down on a new properate up for 175k. We have just been refused lending based on affordability by our current lender. This is based on the fact that our second year shows a lower amount than the previous year but the turnover was higher and we invested more therefore why the net profit was lower. I'm at the point where I don't think we can do this. Our current mortgage is not fixed so could be reduced due to interset rates being lower. I just need to find someone that knows what they are doing and we can trust. Any recommendations would be appreciated
  7. I can recommend SOSDrainage based in Swallownest? 01142939119
  8. Because of comments like this and the over use of the word Nimby I am leaving this discussion Suggestion: Google Earth? Before a comment is made stating I am making no sense. When something new being built may effect your children you may see my point. I will let you have the one about parents parking as you are right on that one.
  9. You have been too quick with your reply I'm afraid, if you look at the planning you will see my point, I live on west park drive, therefore when we walk to school we will have to walk across the entrance to get to school, we do not cross the road as the entrance is on OUR SIDE OF THE ROAD. As a regular Aldi customer I know they have never paid for lights,crossings etc, you may want to consider Aldi Worksop, Dinnington or Hansworth when I make this point ( Hopfully you will know about such stores before you bark back your answers) Plus you have haven't mentioned the Anti social point that I make, which I think is fair. I think my points are valid, extra traffic on a road near a school is always a concern whether children need to be crossing or not, do you not agree ? Or are you just bored today.
  10. I am really angry about the new Aldi being considered in Swallownest too. My main reasons are: 1.Traffic not using the bypass and using Sheffield road to get to the Aldi, traffic such as lorries,wagons with deliveries going straight past Aston Fence school. This is a forty mile an hour road with no crossing or useful traffic calming. I am worried people will no longer use the bypass and fly up the village instead to pop in to the Aldi creating more congestion in an already dangerous area. 2.Anti social behavour at night, empty car parks and places that sell alcohol spells gangs of kids hanging out to me- I do not want this in my area. 3. My children will have to cross over the entrance to the Aldi to get to school which will be an added hazard on our walk to school, yes walk to school ! Not all mums take their car. 4. Notice and flood lights polluting the area , this will impact us as the car park and loading area is across the road fom our house. 5. I bought my house 7 years ago, I was not made aware that this area was already assigned for commercial use which I will be looking into. Anyone with useful ideas as to how we can argue this would be most welcomed. I appreciate people may feel this is good for the area, I agree, but there are other sites that seem to be more appropriate to me I will be there to protest with bells on
  11. ha ha at least you have a good phone (Unlike me!) Thank you for that info!!
  12. Can anyone give me a guide price on the cost of a total rewire of a 1930's three bed semi? will need everything doing, just need a rough guide to work out costings on a house we want to put an offer on that needs a total refurb. Cheers for any help you can give on this ,
  13. So if I buy a domain name from a particular site do I have to go with them for hosting or to I own it myself? Do I need to buy any IT equipment also to run the site on a day to day basis?
  14. Hi guys, I am in the early stages of planning to set an online shop, I really need to know what the costs are involved in setting up a ecommerce site using paypal as payment option, do I also need a hosting service and how much does this cost? Is there anyone in Sheffield that provides this service as a package? I don't even have a name for my business yet as I have heard that its better to wait until I know what domain names are available. I am a complete beginner, and I just need to know where I start with all this!!!! Thanks xx
  15. There is a lady called Leslie that lives at Kiverton I can pm you the number if you wish?
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