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  1. The ruling on people carriers does seem a little harsh especially if you only had 4 bags. Sheffield are rather keen on the size of vehicles that they permit to their recycling centres. Other than that they are quite relaxed. Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire have a system where you have to register your vehicle and be granted a permit. No permit means you can’t recycle.
  2. Yes if it was a key fixture I could understand but Blades V West Ham is hardly a big game is it?.
  3. Not sure what has happened but the Bankers Draft has notices saying closed until further notice. I arrived there at 10:50 and it’s shut. I’m well annoyed as it means walking through town to Huntsman. Does anyone know what’s happening?.
  4. Since Meadowhall was sold off and purchased by British Land things have altered a lot in how Meadowhall is run. The Original owners were passionate about Meadowhall and it showed in Everything they did. I’m certain that the old regime would not have dealt with things how they were dealt with yesterday. Meadowhall is just another piece of the British Land portfolio.
  5. I’m not sure what the hourly rate is for driving a bus but I would estimate it to be about £12 an hour. For what bus drivers have to put up with from the Public they should be on £20 an hour. If this dispute turns into a bus strike we should all support the drivers.
  6. How is Beres pronounced? Is it Berry’s or is it Beers or even berez?.
  7. Hull are 2-0 up. Come on City
  8. I admire your optimism Bassett but I don’t expect miracles. Steve only has limited resources and you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Will Steve get long enough to turn things around?. Past experience tells me that he probably won’t. If he gets two years at the job he will have done well by Wednesday’s standards.
  9. Nah den Ghozer there’s nowt wrong with the Bankers. You certainly see a cross section of society in there.
  10. I have had the misfortune to acquire the neighbours from hell about twenty years ago. Druggy Rastafarian’s who slept in the day and came out to play at night. Comings and goings at all hours of the night and the smell of illegal substances being smoked was awful. The music playing would start at about 10pm and would last for hours. The best day of my life was the day they were evicted as it could not have happened to a nice group of feral animals.
  11. Well I meant it was destined to fail just like the pop music place did. I do think all that part of town should be demolished as it is awful.
  12. The season is all but over for Wednesday. It might be a twisted logic but to prove a point perhaps a relegation dog fight would be more interesting than what is currently happening. I’m struggling to remember a worse season than this one for quite some time.
  13. The general gist of the forum seems to be that DC will not sack Jos. Now I agree that Jos is a good manager and probably the best manager Wednesday can attract. Anyone better than Jos isn’t going to want to come to Hillsborough and work with DC. The thing is that yes it is a poor season but relegation will definitely not be happening because reassuringly there are some dire teams at the foot of the championship that even worse than Wednesday.
  14. You are absolutely right Bendix. For me it’s been brought to the wrong part of town. There isn’t much going on anywhere in Sheffield but there is even less around the area that the museum has been placed. Apart from B&M and a couple of freezer shops there isn’t anything much to entice people to that area. Probably the only attraction in that area is the Bankers Draft. I would love to be proven wrong but in reality this project is destined to the same way as the National Centre For Popular Music.
  15. Depending on how you look at things jos isn’t a bad manager. The manager isn’t on the pitch kicking the ball about. Jos is there to coach the team and motivate the lads. What happens once the game commences is abstract. I do hope Jos is around for another couple of months to find out how good he actually is.
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