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  1. When I spoke with her earlier she was about to.
  2. Did anyone witness an incident on Woodseats this afternoon between the Big Tree and Asda.? My step daughter was on her way home from picking up her son from school, she pulled out of Holmhirst Rd and a dark coloured car, possibly a Mini Countryman pulled in front of her on Woodseats outside Asda, stopping all traffic, the driver got out of his car and told her to wind her window down . He started f....in and blinding at her saying she had cut him up. She said sorry to him, he then spat at her through the window then drove off! She is pregnant and it has really shaken her up and upset our grandson who was sat in the back. If anyone saw anything could you please contact South Yorkshire Police on 101 What a brave chap, picking on a pregnant mother in front of her son!
  3. Hi, my Mum lived there with her husband in late 70's early 80's, sold it and moved to Wainfleet Nr Skegness around 1983. Surname was Jones.both passed away now and buried in cemetery in Oughtibridge.
  4. Spare ticket for today's match going with space on a minibus, leaving Barrack pub 13.00. If anyone interested please pm, thanks.
  5. Hi, anybody in need of dry bonfire wood, if so please pm me, can be delivered free, thanks.
  6. Hi. they own Forest pub on Rutland Rd.
  7. Also heard Co-op on Derbyshire Lane also got robbed last night!
  8. Hi Looking for 3 seats on a coach/minibus Bolton this Saturday preferably from Hillsboro or Chapletown area, please pm details, thanks.
  9. I only found out when I took Chesterfield to Wembley for JPT 2yrs ago, tried to book parking for minibus at The Green Man they told me it was for Swindon fans only and to phone The Torch so ended up parking there. Try looking on internet for details.
  10. If Hull have been allocated Green Man, then Utd probably been allocated The Torch.
  11. Promptly after the game!!!!! You avin a laugh. No leaving promptly from Wembley I'm afraid. Take a leaf out of POUNDSWORTH book, park at Harrow 3 stops on tube, Bingo! No waiting 2 hours to get out of Wembley!
  12. MG Travel 16 seater Minibus available. Call Mark 07930683027, thanks.
  13. Have you tried container storage at Wincobank, used to be Coecrete but owed by Store24 now. Approx £25 per week, 24hr access, CCTV.
  14. Served my apprenticeship as a diesel fitter at Herries road 81-85, happy days!:)
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