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  1. Hi Could some kind person,tell me how to send pms on sheffield forum,I did know how but have forgot(old age).
  2. Hi A J S, Nice to hear from you,Hope you can bear with me as i will need to talk with my nephew and send you you what he has said,I will wait till i get some more info and then send it to you,Rather than send little bits at a time. Bye for Now OR-B-SON
  3. Hi A J C A bit more info the Nelly i refered to was Nelly Wait nee Parkin Brn in Birmingham, Married to Frederick Wait.I have a little bit more Family History if thats your interest,Let me know.
  4. Hi A J C, I spoke with my nephew yesterday and he does remember going to Shoreham Street with his dad,he says he remembers Earnest,Frances and Nellie who he says was his grandmother,he also said that the person to speak to would be Gary who owned the fishing tackle shop ,you may be to get a phone number from Mark who is now at the fishing tackle shop.Hope this is some use to you,Let me know if not and i will see if i can help.
  5. Hi A J C,My Nephew is related to the waits you asked about,from Frances Ellin Wait who married who married Wilfred Wells at St Pauls(were the peace garden are now)There son was Douglas Frederick Wells and he married my sister and they had two children,Sorry i have not put there names but i have to speak to them to make sure its ok,I did get back a few generation with the Waits.Will send more when i spoken to them.
  6. Hi S Sent you a private message. or-b-son.
  7. Hi sramsden I played football with your granddad a long time ago,every year we have a reunion and we have searched for old team mates,kevin is one off the few we have not been able to find.
  8. Hi Dunedin Star,I am contacting you for my cousins husband who does not have enough posts'He has an interest in the people you mention the TWIGGS and the DARLEYS off bridge street,He is David Blood and his e-mail address is david.blood@virginmedia.com He looks forward to hearing from you to compere notes OR_B_SON
  9. Hi i worked at the wire rope company mid 60s,was called Sheffield wire rope when i started. or-b-son
  10. hi Rightmonkey. Sorry to tell you Peter Hollis passed away about 18 months ago,He had not been well for a while. or-b-son
  11. Aspen Lodge was at the entrance to High Green House(no longer there)from an earley 1900s map off high green. Hope that answers your Query, or-b-son
  12. Hi Alba Just wondered if you knew how to contact him or anybody who might know how to. or-b-son.
  13. Hi Alba,i cannot say for definite he played for handsworth but some info i have been given says he lived on retford road which is not far from handsworth and he played for a few other teams,he was a thinnish guy very quick across the ground had dark curlish hair,if that helps you any. or-b-son.
  14. Hi Falls.Sorry cannot send you a private message for some reason,I think the kevin i am looking for fathers name was charles not sure and would not argue if somebody said other wise,the only other thing that has come to mind was that his wife had an injured arm(i believe they are now separated),I have had another reply but it says the father was george from darnall with a couple off brothers and sisters and this kevin is now in Newcastle. Bye for now, or-b-son. ---------- Post added 30-07-2017 at 19:58 ---------- Hi Falls,It looks like we are looking for the same Kevin,I have just got some more info from some who knew him better than me,he says he did live on Retford road and then on longley ave west with girl who had an injured arm,the top end off longley ave west could possibley be in shirecliffe,also his dad worked at davy utd and frequented there club which was prince off wales road i think,He seemed to think he would be in his eighties by now,Do you know any other names of people who might know were he might be,i am going to carry on looking for and will let you know if find anything out. Bye forNow, OR-B-SON.
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