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  1. Been to owls mega shop today for sons new kit price £99 thought it was wrong price on shirt look another 10 top price same. What a rip off ---------- Post added 02-07-2018 at 19:06 ---------- No more like £99 for shirt what a joke to over priced
  2. my dad went in the queens in 80s he use to drink with dennis holworth kieth leadbeater keith stanlin but to name a few also went in a night after finishing work
  3. Hi can anbody help my father in law DENNIS FELLOWS is trying to get in touch is mate Brian Gough he used to work on the gas with him last place living at stannington he as a daughter called shelly and donna please inbox with any info ---------- Post added 30-09-2016 at 20:39 ---------- Hi if any body know what brain daughters married name are please inbox me
  4. Hi anybody help just broke screen on my iPhone 6 any body know where I can get it fix cheap
  5. hi did anybody work for pakers in 70s or glonstar round about the same time
  6. Who is the fastest dart thrower in sheffield with the most accurusy and who is the hardest thrower who the most famous
  7. this might be on wrong page but when these player played they played as 1 team not idinvial like the team now complete <Removed> sorry for spelling mistakes:o
  8. my dad went to darnall church is nickname was drango kid he lived on of jame st
  9. hi anybody rember the car autions at canklow industrail estate or anybody work there? how long as it been shut
  10. hi anybody remember the matches at the lane in 70s and thier tales from this era
  11. yes it was a church their was hole down stairs full of water it look like a little swimming pool where people could be baptised and be come a born again chirstian the vicar was wfrom wales
  12. Hi I have a programming from the commerty box at Hyde park race track fromm 1955 could anybody tell me if its worth anything it has the winners and second in all races cheer if you can help
  13. my wifes uncle was called kenny goodwin sadly he died a few years ago his brothers were gordon lol arther brain( david) sadly died in november is sisters were flo vera and brenda
  14. When I was there they was 2 miss comely 1 that had been there since the 1950ty the other 1 was younger the older 1 taught my mum
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